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Gooroo joins RCSA to deliver PEARL program

We are excited to announce that business and tech transformation platform Gooroo has partnered with RCSA to help deliver our PEARL mentoring program through 2019.

The PEARL (Professional, Emerging & Aspiring Recruitment Leaders) programs allows the seasoned professional of our sector to mentor, encourage, teach and empower the next generation of leaders or aspiring leaders.

Gooroo has developed a business of helping people and organisations create stronger and more trusted experiences, engagement and collaboration through its technology and science.

“Gooroo employs a unique measure of a person's thinking preferences mapped to the Gooroo ColourGrid™, this insight helps facilitate the creation of meaningful and collaborative relationships between people,” Michael Walmsley (pictured right), Gooroo’s VP of Commercial explained.

“As the world of work more rapidly changes, illuminating where an individual is more comfortable or challenged in certain environments, roles, teams and tasks becomes more important. Change is happening at a more rapid rate than ever. When we understand how we approach change, we can be more effective at managing and leading it.” Walmsley said while some people are happy to embrace change and work in highly turbulent environments, with many unknown elements, others may be more comfortable in roles that are more stable and less ambiguous.

“How we make choices and approach work is as individual as our fingerprints. When we look a peoples’ workstyles, we measure the six key factors that contribute to the individual’s approach to Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurism (ICE),” he added. “The results highlight work style preferences and a person’s approach to growth. Further, it provides insight into the type of work environments that the individual is more aligned to succeeding within.’

“Teams can use these insights to deliver higher value decisions, while developing greater levels of capacity to withstand turbulence, both internally and from their customers and industries.”

The PEARL program is a 12 month commitment which connects RCSA members who are new to a leadership role – or are moving into one –with members who have notched up years of experience in the sector for mentorship and guidance.

More than 300 RCSA members from Australia and New Zealand have completed the PEARL Mentoring Program. Those taking part, as mentors or mentees, are expected to meet for two hours face-to-face monthly over a year. Training sessions are offered to individuals before undertaking the PEARL program.

Applications for the 2019 PEARL Program - for mentors and mentees - close May 31. If you are interested in applying or know of someone who should then visit the website for full details. If you are unsure and would like to speak with someone about your suitability for the course, contact Cheryl Seslija, L&D Manager with RCSA on +61 (03) 9663 0555.

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