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Piece rate Guidance Note available for RCSA Members

A new Guidance Note, specifically relating to piece rates, is now available for download for RCSA members who work with clients in the area of agricultural recruitment.

The Guidance Note was prepared by Australian Lawyer, Andrew Wood Hon FRCSA (Life) and Principal of WorkAccord Legal, in April 2019 and was prepared to assist RCSA members on operational matters within our sector.

“We need a guidance note about piece rates because they present especially difficult compliance challenges, which workforce service suppliers can easily fail if guidance is not provided,” Wood explained.

“This can leave workers vulnerable to underpayment and service suppliers with unprovisioned liabilities to back pay and fines.

“We also need a guidance note to educate Members and their clients about those special challenges and the legal principles that apply to this complex area of operation.”

The Guidance Note includes essential information on checking if any Award or Enterprise Agreements are in place, understanding the law and compliance and why group piece rates should not be used.

We encourage all our Members working in this area, to educate themselves fully about the legislation and its implications for them and their clients.

The Guidance Note, valued at $500 but available for free to RCSA members, can be downloaded here.

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