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Call for RCSA Council nominations

As a member organisation, RCSA has been formed in a way which allows Members to get as involved as they can or would like.

Governed by the Board, RCSA also has two Member Groups with Councils, a number of Working Groups developed as the need arises, six Region Councils and five Portfolio Committees.

The Region Councils offer a central point of representation for Members defined by geographic locations and the Member Group Councils are formed around representing Members to advance their specialisations.

Portfolio Committees work on delivering world-class Member-centric experiences while Working Groups address policy formation and key strategic issues facing Members and the sector.

Charles Cameron, RCSA CEO (pictured left) said it was important to have solid representation of those working within our sector on Groups, Councils and Committees if the RCSA is to remain truly representative.

“We want nominations for each of these committees, councils and working groups from a wide range of participants working within our sector,” he said.

“That means we want those working in permanent recruitment, professional contracting and on-hire, those with niche specialties, long-term Members and those new to our sector to nominate for these roles.

“If we are to be truly representative, we need our Members to step up and represent their sector or area so everyone has a voice.”

Key responsibilities for Council Volunteers include promoting the RCSA, helping to generate new ideas, acting with integrity and loyalty, contributing at Council meetings and building positive relationships.

Region Councils meet once a quarter, either face-to-face or through teleconferencing and Members are encouraged to join at least one portfolio Committee in their Capacity as a Region Councillor.

Any RCSA Corporate Member or Accredited Individual Member can nominate for a position on the Councils.

Nominations for the RCSA Councils close on 26 July 2019.

To find out more about nominations or get a nomination form, contact Zoe Husband, Executive and Member Group Coordinator, on

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