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What drew me back to recruitment

November 19, 2019

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TechXpo Pitchfest Australia

September 12, 2019



It has never been more important for our sector to keep abreast of new technology offerings. At RCSA’s first TechXpo, held in Sydney on June 20, four start-ups offering new solutions for the recruitment space, pitched concepts for newtech, showing what may be coming to the market soon.


Referoo, resume4Mat, smartAI and iclue had five minutes each to pitch and take part in a quick interview with David Macciocca from VideoMyJob. Audience members then voted for their favourite. And the winner, who will attend the RCSA conference in October, was...smartAI.


smartAI by Raj Soni, Founder, CTO

Q. When was the platform created and launched?
We first went live with our MVP in April 2018.
Q. Why did you launch this platform? What was the idea behind it?
We had a clear vision of using conversational AI, deep API integrations and automation to solve a number of glaring problems: The experience for candidates and recruiters being poor and getting worse, excessive friction created while exchanging information between parties, and the need to automate manual admin tasks.
Q. What solution does it provide?
Essentially, we create a scalable virtual HR team, that’s able to ‘chat’ to a candidate and walk them through the company’s HR life cycle.
Q. Why is this needed?
The recruitment process is generally ‘high touch’ involving multiple platforms with human interaction required to pull it all together. Such manual processes are inefficient, costly and usually only available during core work hours. Chatbots are available anywhere, 24/7.
Q. What successes have you had?
We have signed up some of the industry’s more progressive recruitment agencies that can see the value in partnering with us.
Q. How has it changed?
We have greatly expanded the skill sets offered by our chat bots to include all phases in the HR lifecycle.
Q. What’s the five-year goal?
To continue developing the skills sets offered on the platform while keeping an eye on how AI is evolving. Voice will become an integral part of our platform.
Q. Can you break down the time and money it can save a user?
We have been able to deliver a 52% reduction in admin costs, a 49% reduction in time to interview, 62% decrease in cost to hire and a 90% application competition rate improvement.
Q. How does it compare or differ to competitors if you have any?
We are subscription based and the services are modular; you can subscribe to one to six modules.
Q. Who are you working with within the sector?
Clients include IntoWork Australia, Titan Recruitment, Dixon Appointments, RPR Trades, National Workforce and Manpower (POC).
Q. Your one line pitch.
smartAI creates engaging chatbots for the recruitment industry that delight users as they guide them through the recruitment process.


Referoo by Neil Rose, co-founder


Q. When was the platform created and launched?

Launched May, 2018
Q. Why did you launch this platform?

What was the idea behind it? To improve on the annoying process of collecting references from the view of the referee, candidate and the recruiter.
Q. What solution does it offer users?

It will save time, improve compliance and help with business development combined with the flexibility of phone, SMS and automated communications.
Q. Why is this needed?

The traditional phone and paper-based ref check is ripe for a tech upgrade while maintaining the essential human interaction.
Q. What successes have you had since launching?

We had more than 50 RCSA member companies as paying subscribers in our first year. We have reference checked 20,000 candidates and have won HRD Magazine awards.
Q. How has it changed since launching?

Every month we bring out new features suggested by our users. The recruitment community is shaping our tech developments.
Q. What’s the five-year goal?