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Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has launched its Horticulture Showcase, an online platform designed to ensure those working in agricultural labour hire understand their rights and obligations whether they be employers, host employers or workers.

The Horticulture Showcase provides comprehensive information about a range of topics affecting those working in the agricultural supply chain including pay and piecework rates, workplace health & safety, legislation around employing migrant workers and fair working hours and conditions.

The site includes the latest information from the FWO on workplace law, changes and obligations and has been designed to ensure the rights of everyone in the supply chain are protected.

The website has been designed as a comprehensive resource for growers and workers alike and provides advice and guidance to growers on ethical sourcing of labour, keeping the right records, a check-list to complete a self-audit and information on the work done by the FWO.

It also features a series of educational videos educating growers and workers about their rights.

“Initiatives such as this go a long way in helping to make sure those working throughout the agricultural supply chain know what their rights are and understand avenues for recourse where there are disputes,” RCSA CEO Charles Cameron said.

“We have worked hard with government in recent years to provide out input into key policy about labour hire and believe this is an important resource for workers and growers alike.

“But there is no point having a resource like this available if it is not being accessed. We encourage all our Members working in Labour Hire to familiarise themselves with the site so they can better advise clients and candidates alike.”

The Horticulture Showcase can be accessed here.

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