Have you spread the word? The #LoveYourWork is your campaign is your voice

RCSA’s #LoveYourWork campaign is well underway and the response we have had has been incredible, but we don’t want to lose momentum so we need your help to keep spreading the word about the importance of agency work to the Australian and New Zealand economies.

The #LoveYourWork campaign was launched at the start of October and features a compelling series of short videos of real agency workers and real clients sharing their stories about how agency work helped them grow their careers, business and work-life balance. We would love your help to continue spreading this message far and wide.

Here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Use the #LoveYourWork hashtag in all social media posts

  • Share and promote the campaign website - www.loveyourworkanz.org

  • Share the #LoveYourWork videos on your social media channels

  • Ask clients and candidates to share the videos on their social media channels

  • Have your team follow the campaign and promote it on their social media using the following tags:

a. Facebook – @loveyourworkANZ b. Instagram – @loveyourworkANZ c. Twitter - @loveyourworkANZ

If you haven’t already checked out the campaign, take the time to do so today. The first video features Andrew Banks.

Any questions feel free to give us a call or email hello@loveyourworkanz.org to join the

ambassador list.

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