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Nina Mapson Bone elected RCSA President

It took a lot of frank and honest conversations and self-reflection before Nina Mapson Bone FRCSA felt comfortable enough to put her hand up to take on the role of RCSA President.

Voted in at a Board Meeting on October 29, the Managing Director at Beaumont People is expected to be a popular choice as President of RCSA, replacing Sinead Hourigan FRCSA who stepped down after two years in the role.

“I wasn’t sure at first if I should put my name forward for the role,” Nina (pictured right) explained. “I had a lot of long and very honest conversations with Sinead and Charles [Cameron] and my mentor and former president John Plummer FRCSA Life.

“I also had a long conversation with Nikki Beaumont FRCSA Life, who founded Beaumont People, and what it would mean for my role as Managing Director with her.

“I ended up getting really excited about the possibility of being President. I was really drawn to the opportunity it would offer to really bring together different voices in the sector."

Nina said in her conversations with Cameron, they talked about his vision for the future of RCSA and how they could work together to be an even louder voice of our Members and help them to achieve their goals.

She added that her broad experience in the sector working with agencies of all sizes from small boutique companies to large global organisations, across mining, non-profits, executive search and blue and white collar sectors gave her a strong understanding of what RCSA Members needed and the challenges they face.

Nina has been a Member of the RCSA for 10 years and has worked in recruitment for the past 20 years.

She has held a number of key roles with RCSA including:

  • Vice President and Chair of the Memberships Committee

  • Chair of the NSW/ACT Council

  • Member of the Executive Committee

  • Member of the Remuneration & Nominations Committee

  • Member of the Ethics Committee

“As Members of the RCSA, we are instrumental to the future of our industry,” Nina said. “Instrumental for individuals, for organisations, for the communities we are involved with, and for the economy at large. Yet, this is not always the public perception.

“The RCSA has a significant role in driving the positive perception of what we do, while simultaneously aiding our members in their commercial objectives.

“Our ability to marry a visionary purpose with the financial success of our Members will set us up for a strong, strategic and influential future.

“Commercial imperatives and meaningful purpose need not be mutually exclusive. The current #LoveYourWork campaign is a great example of how the RCSA can influence both. The future for the RCSA will continue to create opportunities that both shape the future of work, while contributing to our members’ viability and growth.”

Nina, based in Sydney, said she will be making it a priority to set meetings with RCSA Board Members to gather their input and feedback and to hear individual concerns.

“I plan to do this within the first two months of my tenure as RCSA’s President to gain their perspective and input into what we can do better for them,” she said.

“I have a lot of ideas I’m bringing to the table, but RCSA doesn’t need a full change strategy. I want to look at what we are doing well, build on that and deliver what our Members need from us in a professional and positive manner.

“My desire to listen and facilitate with the strong Board and CEO we have, means that together we will work towards a bright future, leading in the world of work.

“The strength of a Board comes from the individuals involved. I love the robustness of discussion and different viewpoints that are shared. Our ability to achieve a commercially successful, visionary future will come from involving everyone and encouraging respectful debate. I enjoy being but one cog in that machine.”

Nina said it was important to stop to remember the enormous contribution made to RCSA for the last two years by outgoing President Sinead Hourigan.

“I have been fortunate to have worked with three RCSA Presidents through my involvement with RCSA and I have always been struck by their commitment, dedication and passion,” she said.

“Sinead brought each of these with her to the role and has overseen a significant period of change for the organisation to ensure Members have a strong voice which is being heard. With the platform now in place for successful growth and influence, it’s time to reap the rewards of this strategy and all the hard work put in.”

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