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Forget head hunting, it’s heart hunting

Do you remember the bad old days? The days when if you worked in recruitment you were a humble Head Hunter.

All you had to do was find the right head and match them to the right role at the right price.

Well, thankfully, those bad old days are over. Now we have entered better times where those who work in recruitment are no longer a simple Head Hunter. You, my friend, are a Heart Hunter. What has changed over time is a profound societal shift in focus from pure “ambition” (your candidate’s goals, achievements, status, possessions) to “meaning” (your candidate’s fulfilment, joy, purpose and happiness).

Maybe it was the GFC.

Maybe it was the connectivity of the internet.

Or maybe we all collectively woke up to the fact that more “stuff” won’t fill an empty life. As a consequence, if you are working in recruitment today and not winning the hearts of candidates and even your fellow employees, there is little chance their head will follow.

This is why world leading recruitment companies like Robert Half have invested in workplace giving. Their program, called Time to Give, empowers their staff to donate their Time (team volunteering), Talent (skilled volunteering) or Treasure (donating) to help support over 1500 charities and also share their stories of doing good.

In addition to working with Robert Half, GoodCompany are fortunate to work with some major brands including IAG, OPTUS, Flight Centre, ANZ, Reece, AGL, MYOB and many more Employers of Choice, engaging their staff by engaging with the community.

Indeed, giving back is not just important for staff engagement but also for staff attraction and retention.

The June 2018 Businessolver Report showed that 60 per cent of workers surveyed would be willing to take a pay reduction to work for an empathetic company.

And according to the Gallup 2018 State of American Workplace Research Report, 46 per cent of the 31 million respondents said they want to have a positive impact on society through their work.

OPTUS now uses CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is now the number one staff engagement tool.

And CSR has become so important that companies are now competing for titles such as the Top 40 Best Workplaces to Give Back.

How to make a difference

What can you do as a recruiter to win hearts and minds?

Internally, like Robert Half, you could set up a workplace giving program in your own office empowering staff to fundraise and donate and instead of taking your team for lunch at the pub, you could take them out volunteering. You could invite your key clients along.

Externally, what if you were to do something unexpected with top candidates after interviewing them by thanking them for coming in with a Charitable Gift Voucher that they can pass onto their charity of choice?

Or perhaps you could invite them to be part of a volunteering day? In fact, your firm could even go as far as to offer them a Workplace Giving account where your company matched their payroll donation to the charity of their choice.

These not only prove good team-building activities, but also show candidates and employees that you value them and the community, and that your company wants to give back with genuine purpose.

The bottom line is that doing good, is good for business. Good candidates are looking for good companies and vice versa.

So what used to be called the warm “fuzzies”, practices of corporate volunteering, payroll giving and matched company donations is now a clear competitive advantage.

You and your business can’t afford to miss this mega trend and this starts with the understanding that you are not hunting heads in your job, you are hunting a candidate’s heart.

GoodCompany is Australia and New Zealand’s largest Unified Workplace Giving, Volunteering, Fundraising, Charity Gift Cards and Rewards platform. Our mission is to connect those who can give with those in need to bring out the best in everyone.

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