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How tech recruiters can help tackle the workplace happiness problem

The tech scene is thriving. It's innovative and each month brings new ideas to the global stage. Yet new research shows that the people actually doing the innovating are not as happy as you'd expect.

At some level, it's no wonder. I’ve seen firsthand the high-performance expectations, enormous pressure to evolve continuously and, to top it all off, endless hours every day spent staring at a screen.

And now, this lack of satisfaction is starting to impact the ability of companies to attract and retain top tech talent.

According to the Technically Happy report, Halcyon Knights found that main drivers of happiness in tech employees include feeling respected, feeling empowered and being surrounded by positive attitudes and behaviours.

Unrealistic expectations and workload are considered the biggest obstacles to happiness and 40% of people cite discrimination or bullying based on identity as something bringing them down in the office.

We also found the vast majority of Australia's tech workforce boasted average happiness levels of just only 6/10. Significantly below the global average of 8/10 for workplace satisfaction.

In such a vibrant sector with so many opportunities at hand, the best tech employees aren’t going to settle for roles that make them unhappy, even if they pay well.

They also aren't going to recommend their workplace as a great place of employment to their professional circle.

This is where a recruitment partner can make a difference.

Recruitment has moved on from just matching a CV to a job description. Recruiters today play a fundamental role in building careers and making matches based on mindset and passion.

Now, the opportunity exists for recruiters to make intelligent matches by genuinely understanding the client's journey, challenges and key strategic milestones.

We know that happiness is one of the most significant sources of business success around the world and remains key to retaining talent, and improving advocacy, in all industries.

By placing people who are engaged and invested in what a company stands for, businesses stand a much better chance of retaining brilliant and, just as importantly, happy people.

While there is no silver bullet to workplace happiness, strong leaders can indeed be the single, most significant reason for a team to thrive.

By incorporating leadership training, 360 feedback and mentoring programs, there is an opportunity to improve on what was found to be the most influential aspect of happiness at work; our colleague's attitudes and behaviours.

When it comes to more tactical strategies, companies have a great opportunity to address staff turnover and productivity by assessing their culture and employer brand.

Halcyon Knights is a specialist tech recruitment agency placing IT experts, leaders and teams across APAC, with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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