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Winners encourage recruitment colleagues to enter 2020 RCSA New Zealand awards

There are just days remaining until entries open for New Zealand’s 2020 RCSA Industry Awards and last year’s winners have come out in force to encourage their colleagues to enter.

Entries open on January 27 and many of 2019’s winners say their wins not only had a significant impact on their careers, but in some cases changed the way they viewed the recruitment industry.

Yvonne Tay-Corbett of Robert Walters, who was named 2019’s New Zealand Rising Star of the Year, said the win was “an awesome honour” and great recognition of all the hard work she spearheaded in the lead-up to the company’s first tech “hackathon”.

“It also was super meaningful as it showed the recruitment industry’s commitment to investing in the actual industries we recruit in, not just our own,” Yvonne said.

The win gave her more motivation to organise a second hackathon this year and she encouraged all New Zealand recruiters to consider nominating for the 2020 awards.

“It’s a great opportunity to share with others in the industry what you’ve been up to,” Yvonne said.

“It’s easy to get stuck in our own little bubbles sometimes when we can all learn so much from each other’s ideas and innovation.”

Ali Damsteegt of Turbo Staff, which took out the Business Innovation of the Year award, said the gong was great recognition of the firm’s innovation and encouraged the team to continue striving to be innovative in everything they did.

“Our approach to innovation has been reinforced after receiving the recognition that came with winning an award,” Ali said.

“I would encourage everyone to enter the 2020 awards. It’s a worthwhile process to go through, winner or not.”

Recruitment Professional of the Year, Mel Morris of Summit Recruitment, said the win was professional recognition of her achievements and the standards she measured herself by.

“It is proof that going above and beyond has its rewards,” Mel said.

“I would encourage anyone considering submitting an application for the 2020 awards to do so.

“The process is a valuable exercise to go through in its own right and will take you on journey where you will have the opportunity to reflect upon your achievements to the industry and where you see yourself in the industry going forwards.”

Susannah Leydon-Davis from Agoge, which took out the Excellence in Client Service award for New Zealand, said the win was “humbling” and gave the team a reason to take stock of what it had achieved.

“In the nonstop and busy industry of recruitment, we often don’t get a chance to stop and acknowledge the achievements with our team and what they have accomplished with candidates and clients,” Susannah said.

“In awards such as the RCSA’s, it’s humbling to be alongside the leaders of the industry,

recognise the great things that have been achieved, and yet continue to challenge ourselves to do more to grow the impact we have for our candidates and clients.”

Sue Harrison from Tradestaff, which won the CSR Excellence award, said the team “couldn’t be prouder” as the winning nomination had been focused on their role in recruiting from Samoa the first recipient of the Sally McFarlane Legacy Scholarship for Pacific Women in Trades.

“The scholarship was established when sadly and very unexpectedly Sally passed away in 2017,” Sue said.

“Sally was at the forefront of setting up and running the Canterbury Reconstruction Pilot program which saw 20 carpenters come over from the Pacific to assist with the rebuild in Christchurch.

“She was very passionate about women in construction and encouraged more women to follow this pathway and in 2019 Tradestaff bought to New Zealand from Samoa the very first female carpenter out of the pacific - the first recipient of the scholarship.

“The impact Tradestaff will achieve with winning this award for this initiative will be seen for years to come. It is a win/win for all stakeholders, an innovation and a big win for gender equality and women in the Pacific, which makes us very proud.”

And Sue had some simple advice for any New Zealand recruiters considering whether to enter the 2020 RCSA Industry Awards – “just do it”.

Nominations for the New Zealand’s 2020 RCSA Industry Awards will be open from January 27 to March 27, with the finalists announced on May 15.

The winners will be announced at a gala awards night on June 18.

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