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New Zealand discussions focused on unlocking recruiter professional development

I recently undertook a series of roundtable talks across New Zealand, inviting key L&D leads to discuss how to unlock recruiter professional development.

The informal sessions took me to Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch over four days and were designed to encourage members to discuss trends and the barriers they faced when trying to develop people.

Our members are investing substantially in skills development, the purpose of my trip was to meet and establish relationships with relevant leaders enabling them to understand the full L&D suite available to their teams, and collaborate on L&D themes as in industry.

I was also able to highlight RCSA’s L&D future options, so members could get a sense of the type of return they could get from developing their people.

I also wanted to trigger conversations towards retention of talent.

As well as the group sessions, I held one-on-one talks with large corporate member contacts to specifically understand how or where RCSA could support their existing

L&D frameworks. The key themes that stood out across all regions were:

  • Skill vs Will: A younger generation hungry for growth and learning opportunities. Veteran recruiters and/or those achieving goals where some are not motivated to learn.

  • Learning while working: 70, 20,10 principles. Learning is work and work is learning. Through on-the-job work/learning habits are recognised and collectively as a team are/can co-solve problems.

  • Leadership development is paramount to meeting culture values and or motivating talent to stay.

The roadshows were a huge success and I was struck by the enthusiasm and passion our members have for developing people.

The discussions were co-led by New Zealand regional L&D leads Troy Turner (Inside Recruitment, Wellington), Kelly Common (Salt, Auckland) and Aaron Fear-Ross (Stat Recruitment, Christchurch).

They are my L&D Ambassadors and the contact point for New Zealand members.

All the discussions were lively and it was great to be able to thrash out a range of L&D solutions.

Thank you to our New Zealand colleagues for making me so welcome.

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