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RCSA members urged to support ACCI campaign

RCSA CEO Charles Cameron has urged members to get behind a campaign to encourage the Senate to vote in favour of the Ensuring Integrity Bill.

Charles recently received a letter from James Pearson, CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, advising it had launched the campaign after a last-minute rejection of the previous version of the Bill in late 2019.

The rejection came despite significant efforts by ACCI members and active advocacy by the organisation.

“James has reiterated that, contrary to union claims, these changes are no threat to the vast majority of unions and unionists who operate within the law,” Charles said.

“The ACCI has consistently backed these changes since they were first proposed several years ago – both on their merits and to get the parliament back into the business of being able to improve our workplace relations system.

“In his letter, James said the ACCI was conducting an ‘unapologetically strong campaign’, that was firmly rooted in the actual conduct and statements of unions, real concerns and harm to those the ACCI represented and their employees.”

James’ letter went onto say:

“Whilst the demonstrated actions and law breaking of construction unions forms the heart of this advocacy, these changes are necessary to discourage more unions against greater militancy and deliberate law breaking – a live concern as further unions seek to merge into larger, better resourced organisations.

“We are working together with members closest to these changes in a concerted final push to get them over the line.”

Charles has encouraged RCSA members to click through to and to share the campaign and its supporting material through social media and traditional channels.

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