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RCSA is keeping members updated on Coronavirus

In light of the escalation of the Coronavirus threat to workplaces across Australia and New Zealand, the RCSA is committed to doing everything it can to keep our members fully informed with accurate, reliable information.

The landing page on our website is now home to a range of information on the virus itself, its possible impact on the recruitment and staffing industry and how RCSA members can deal with issues affecting their staff and clients.

The topics covered include everything from working from home procedures to how to keep your staff and clients safe.

RCSA staff are working on new podcasts and webinars while also lobbying governments as they continue to make decisions that will impact on our members.

We are also committed to helping our members understand and deal with the specific challenges they are facing.

To achieve this, we are inviting members to tell us what those key challenges are, so we can endeavour to find the answers from experts in the field.

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