Video podcasts will help RCSA members deal with Coronavirus

RCSA is filming an ongoing series of video podcasts to keep members informed on how best to deal with the Coronavirus.

RCSA CEO Charles Cameron said three podcasts, dubbed “COVIDeo-19”, were being filmed every week until the pandemic has passed.

Seven COVIDEO-19 podcasts have so far been posted on the RCSA website, featuring a wealth of information on how members can “navigate the difficult waters that is the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Guests have so far included Chris White from 888X, Peter Langham from Scottish Pacific, Frank Ribuot from Randstad, Greg Savage and Seek’s Con Marchesan.

“Three times a week we will explore the world of staffing and recruitment done differently – done creatively,” Charles said.

“I’m a big believer that through every challenge there is opportunity, so I am looking forward to being able to keep RCSA members fully informed with expert advice on all aspects of surviving the pandemic during this crisis.”

Charles said RCSA was also helping members in other ways.

As continued access to cash flow had become the primary concern of many industries, to ensure readily available access to working capital, RCSA Invoice Finance could help by using members’ accounts receivable as security.

To access the COVIDeo-19 podcasts go to RCSA TV

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