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Subsidies are available – don’t miss out

During my colourful 20-year career working with government incentives, I have been approached by many organisational leaders with one major question … “Is there anything available for us?”.

The answer in 99% of all cases is a resounding yes, and the COVID-19 curveball means there is a lot more to come! Recruitment agencies play a fundamental role in assisting the unemployed back into the active job market. During this COVID-19 time we have found many people in situations where they have never accessed government funds before, and they are keen to get off these benefits, resume normal life, making them highly motivated candidates.

I’m sure you know about the JobKeeper and the JobSeeker payment by now, but did you know that as an employer, if you take a recently unemployed person from the Jobs Finder Queensland program you may be eligible for $350 + GST after 40 hours of employment with your host employer? Click here for details

On another program, if you take on an employee who has not worked for four weeks prior to starting with you, you may be eligible for up to $20,000 per candidate if they commence work in a Queensland rural or regional area.

Taking on longer-term unemployed candidates may be worth between $6500 and $10,000 per employee. Click here for details

During this pandemic with an increase in funds to JobSeeker and the introduction of JobKeeper, eligibility for these subsidies is much more difficult. JobActive providers’ hands are also tied, as there are no mutual obligations for these candidates to change their circumstances to obtain employment.

The shift is coming. The government JobKeeper program is currently due to complete by September 2020, which will shake up the economy, so will the JobSeeker scheme, due to shift back to a much lower payment. This will force many back into a highly competitive market with fewer jobs available.

September 2020 will become very noisy with updates and the impact these measures will have on unemployment figures. With this, government will be expected to introduce additional measures to assist and motivate businesses to rehire.

Accessing these schemes can be the difference between being above or below the bottom line. Schemes are available through many different government departments, you just need to find what is going to work for your agency or business.

If finding the time to navigate through these is just not on your radar then help is available. Call me on 0409 570 289 or email me at

Janelle Paterson is expert at helping business and recruitment agencies access available government funding, by navigating through the maze of available incentives, matching this directly to the company goals. By looking at an agency’s current offering, she can pinpoint where they are missing out or where they could be picking up additional revenue.

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