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Five minutes with Peter Hughes, Prime Super Regional Manager for Western Victoria

June 18, 2020

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What will be your lasting legacies of COVID-19?

Reflect on your business a mere three months ago, compare it to how it operates today and it’s likely you will see some dramatic differences.


Some will most likely be not so good but others have perhaps made an unforeseen radical impact on your people, processes and performance.


As we move forwards, what elements of your response to the pandemic do you want to hold onto, and what is best left in the past?


Here are some lasting legacies of COVID-19 that we predict that will outlive lockdown.



Recruiters will continue to act as social ambassadors as part of their DNA


Expecting recruiters to focus entirely on new business development with a reported 84% drop in vacancies, according to our survey in early April, would have been completely demoralising.


Instead, many consultants were encouraged to adopt a marketing-led approach, focusing on building their personal branding and nurturing relationships with existing candidates and clients.


Recruiters have inadvertently become social ambassadors through regular content sharing, social media outreach (in the absence of being able to pick up the phone to people who were not in the office) and possibly even involved in content creation such as blog writing.


For businesses that elected to furlough or make their marketing resource redundant, this has helped them sustain an online presence.


A shift from a sales-first culture to one where everyone embraces marketing as part of their day-to-day role can have a huge impact on your brand reach. Research from LinkedIn shows that when employees share content, they typically see a click-through rate that is double that of their company.