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Case studies helping get employees back to work safely

Real life case studies of how companies have helped workers safely return to work during COVID-19 are helping businesses navigate what is a complex and often confusing process.

The case studies have been compiled as part of the Safely Back To Work program in which RCSA is playing a pivotal role alongside three of the world’s largest private sector employers and labour market experts.

Randstad, Adecco Group and ManpowerGroup have formed a global HR services industry alliance to help drive this collaborated effort and RCSA is the project manager in Australia and New Zealand.

Amy Towers of Risk Collective, who is Project Manager for Safely Back To Work, said seven case studies had already been uploaded to the RCSA website.

Each provides a clear explanation of the challenge faced by a particular company and a step-by-step guide to how they were overcome.

There’s the public administration company with more than 1000 staff which increased flexible work arrangements, physical distancing and hygiene standards.

Another case study focuses on the food warehousing and logistics company that operates out of a massive warehouse and focuses heavily on infection control by increasing cleaning procedures and personal hygiene practices to lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

And there’s also a large plastics manufacturer that must keep personnel on site to fulfil its operational duties, so needed to undertake a full overview of how its workers operated.

“Everyone knows there are many protocols involved in getting employees back working, but a lot of the information that is available can be quite overwhelming,” Amy said.

“The information we have provided in these case studies is a practical approach to how businesses can implement these protocols.

“Employers still need to understand the protocols but they can look at these case studies and see how businesses which have the resources to act quickly and accurately have gone about doing it.”

Amy said any RCSA members who felt their clients had a best practice approach to getting staff back to work safely, and wanted to share their tips, should contact her at

To see the Safely Back To Work case studies click here

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