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Five minutes with Pitchfest winner Col Levander

One of the features of the recent Reform conference was Pitchfest, in which tech start-ups with new solutions for the recruitment space had five minutes to pitch their concept.

The winner against stiff competition was Col Levander, Founder and CEO of technology software company ratescalc.

The Brief sat down with Col to learn about his business.

Q: What does RatesCalc do and which of its services would specifically benefit RCSA members? is a unique and powerful software platform like no other. It is essential for any recruitment or labour hire or group training company that wants to automate their workflow and ensure legal compliance, rate accuracy and efficiency. For any business that wants to ensure they are paying staff correctly or supplying labour hire materials professionally, protects both your operating profit and your industry reputation.

We are proudly owned and operated in Australia.

The platform ensures that businesses are fully compliant with the Modern Awards in each jurisdiction, eliminating human error and inaccurate payroll ensuring businesses are protected by paying employees correctly.

The software also manages margins for recruitment companies (RCSA members) and anyone paying employees with a margin component. It manages employment contracts, EBAs and sends candidate job documentation in a few clicks.

RCSA members no longer have to endure manual spreadsheets, double handling and double checking as ratescalc works in the background as the perfect piece of middleware ensuring all the parameters set by the company are being adhered to.

Fair Work is now issuing amendments regularly, not just once a year, and keeping up with those changes is mandated and very time consuming. We live and breathe the Modern Awards, so you don't have to.

With “wage theft” is a thing of the past.

Q: What was the key message of your winning PitchFest entry?

Tik Tok was the theme of the pitch.

With the popularity of Tik Tok as a social media outlet, companies and businesses have their own version of Tik Tok happening - a potential ticking time bomb in regards to wages, penalties and provisions, ensuring pay rates are correct is a huge task for recruitment, labour hire and group training organisations as well as large employers.

We drew this analogy to illustrate the urgency and seriousness of the ramifications of not managing these processes well.

The instances of wage theft are becoming a regular occurrence and many large corporations have been caught out to the tune of millions of dollars. integrates with payroll software, front and back office systems and can ensure that members are paying awards that are updated regularly. As soon as Fair Work make changes, amendments or apply new rules is updated.

My pitch highlighted that this area within businesses is a mine field and the bomb could be ticking.

This can be managed and avoided with

Q: Are the problems you identified in your video any worse in a COVID-10 world?

The issues identified in the pitch are ongoing for businesses and RCSA members and are a concern for companies at all times, not just during the pandemic.

During COVID-19 we have seen many new initiatives introduced by the government that need to be navigated and keeping track of all that information is difficult.

While doesn't manage COVID-19 related changes specifically, if these changes become permanent and legislated with pay rates (such as pandemic leave) then will ensure businesses that use the software are compliant with these changes. provides business protection by eliminating margin creep, ensuring compliance, correct pay rates and easily manages employment contracts, EBAs and conditions.

Q: What does your PitchFest win mean to you and your business?

PitchFest was a great opportunity to showcase our software at the innovative RCSA Reform online conference and we were very pleased to be a part of this groundbreaking event.

We acknowledge all the hard work from the other entrants and appreciate the members’ votes for our pitch.

The most important aspect was the ability to get our message out there, explain the software and how it can be a solution to a very difficult problem and in addition to that the win means we can now participate at “Talent X”, which we are very much looking forward to.

The win confirms that we are on the right track in making sure our message, marketing and explanation of the software is on track.

It's very exciting for and is important in advancing the unique software which is like no other and launching our new website too.

Q: What does the future hold for your company?

The future is very bright for We are launching in New Zealand in August and then will move to other parts of Asia including Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines soon after.

We are gaining major exposure not just in recruitment (although that is where the origins of the product were) but also with larger blue chip corporations, franchises and companies.

The pain point that solves is not just confined to Australia but is a global problem and we plan to make the essential software for businesses employing people worldwide.

We are proud to be Australian owned and operated and our expansion plans are wide and growing at a steady pace. is easy to install, competitively priced and can save businesses so much time and money while protecting them from pay issues, wages theft and long term reputation damage.

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