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Huge response to Accidental Counsellor webinar

The Accidental Counsellor webinar delivered for RCSA members this month was a sell-out and has proven so popular that another has now been scheduled for October.

Today, Lifeline’s Cutty Felton gives an overview of what’s involved and why members who missed the first webinar should make sure they are ready for the second.

We’re living in stressful times. Change and uncertainty is everywhere and circumstances can become overwhelming.

Many recruitment professionals, consultants and members of diverse teams may be experiencing a high level of stress and uncertainty about the best way to respond on a human level, particularly when dealing with highly distressed people whose circumstances create vulnerability.

Now, more than ever, the skills to respond in a way that is appropriate, respectful, empathic and empowering (whilst being within strictly defined boundaries) are critical.

With safety front of mind, Lifeline H2H has found the most accessible way of supporting teams during this COVID-19 period and beyond is with effective, remotely-delivered training which retains the integrity of delivery and duty of care for which Lifeline is known.

The Accidental Counsellor presentation is a two-and-a-half-hour Zoom session that is based on the well-known “Recognise, Respond, Refer” model.

In addition to this model, participants are provided with a unique “5 E’s Framework for Difficult Conversations”.

Personal and professional boundaries are strong themes running through this training.

Participants are neither encouraged nor expected to be counsellors or therapists, but simply to support someone who may be experiencing crisis and refer to appropriate ongoing help.

The ability to protect as best as possible against vicarious stress and trauma, as well as to practice essential self-care, are also examined to ensure that participants are aware of their own stress and well-being and of the need to take steps to mitigate the risk of burnouts.

For details on RCSA’s upcoming webinars click here.

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