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New webinars and video workshops available

RCSA’s Learning and Development Manager, Cheryll Seslija, has unveiled a range of new webinars and video workshops that will be available to members over the next few months.

From tips on automating candidate pipelines to data driven recruitment, the lessons will help recruiters stay on top of their game during difficult times.

The events available include:

August 26: 5 Steps for Automating your Candidate Pipeline will help you prepare for the months ahead and the automation principles you can adopt to manage your candidate pipeline. For details click here

August 27: Talking Tenders: Tips & Tricks for the Procurement Game will help you determine what the procurement game is, who the players are and whether you really want to play. For details click here

August 27: NZ Online Recruitment & Consulting Certificate Virtual Program (NZ only) is a video workshop to help new consultants develop the skills to progress and achieve career ambitions. For details click here

September 8: Data Driven Recruitment looks at what it means to be data driven and how to find candidates broad scope trends that can be linked to your stakeholders’ experiences. For details click here

October 2: Mastering Labour Hire and Contracting Safety (AUS and NZ audiences) will offer guidance on your responsibilities as an on-hire business and ensure you have the knowledge, know-how and tools to avoid work, health and safety litigation and workplace injuries. For details click here

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