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Auckland Council recruiters take on the ‘Mahuru Maori’ Challenge

This September, the Recruitment and Talent team at Auckland Council are signing up to complete the ‘Mahuru Maori’ Challenge.

In the Maori language Mahuru translates to September. ‘Mahuru Maori’ is a challenge to incorporate more te reo Maori into daily life for the entire month of September.

The Recruitment and Talent team at Auckland Council, are taking on ‘Mahuru Maori’ to flex on their matauranga and develop their confidence to korero i te reo Maori, and are encouraging others to do the same.

The challenge encourages everyone to participate regardless of their current level of Maori language.

The goal for Mahuru Maori 2020 is to register more than 12,000 participants to actively use te reo Maori during September, in order to increase awareness and help revitalise the Maori language.

The challenge is tailored to suit the goal each participant wants to achieve. Participants set the frequency that is achievable and realistic for them in order to consciously speak more of the Maori language every day during September. A goal could be an hour every day, one day per week, a week of the month or even every day for the entire month.

A variety of free downloadable resources are provided to participants to help with the Mahuru Maori language challenge including phrase books, explanation cards and graphics.

For more information or to register your participation visit the Mahuru Maori website.

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