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Meet New Zealand’s RCSA Rising Star Winner

By Anand Ranchod

The prestigious RCSA Industry Awards provide the opportunity to recognise the best of best in the recruitment, staffing and workforce solutions sector in Australia and New Zealand.

These are hugely coveted awards that highlight the outstanding achievers operating in this space, so I was stoked when I heard that I'd won the Rising Star Award amongst a line-up of strong finalists. I see it as a great external accolade of what's been achieved so far, recognising the effort, late-night phone calls and investment I've put into developing my recruitment career.

My goal since going into recruitment is to be a top specialist legal recruiter and to make a positive contribution to the legal industry - so it means a lot to be acknowledged.

I strive to show consistency in my professional performance and this award was a wonderful acknowledgment of my placement track-record and market feedback received to date. Recently I have been actively taking a future-focused and strategic approach to how myself and the team engage with candidates and clients. For example, we host events in different locations around the country, so we can get to know those within the regions and its unique characteristics as each region continues to evolve.

The recruitment journey for me over the past five years has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. There have been some great highs, but also disappointments. Recruitment is centred around people and since each person varies in their situation, motivations and personalities, things can quickly change. There's always that unpredictable element which keeps you on your toes.

Having trained as a lawyer, I had been used to working in a more structured and predictable environment, so it was a change - but one that I've been adapting to. I like getting under the hood of the processes and instructions we take on, to really understand the client and candidate drivers and help achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for both.

There's no doubt our industry faces challenges currently, with uncertainty around hiring decisions and job security as we navigate through this transitionary time. A lot of our clients are regularly assessing and reassessing their situations and I think that helping them through these changes will be our role for the foreseeable future too.

I see it as more important than ever to keep a finger on the pulse with how the markets we recruit in are evolving and to be agile in the face of this change - showing empathy and support along the way.

In my view, a recruiter's role is still critical in this current climate because clients and candidates will rely on us for information to help them make well-informed decisions.

My advice for any person thinking about a move into recruitment - if you're self-motivated, willing to work hard and feel you'd enjoy a people-centred role then go for it. The first couple of years is when you need to build momentum and learn as much as you can about the market you recruit in. So take the advice of high performing and experienced recruiters around you as I think a lot of recruitment skills are developed on the job.

It's a great feeling when you've helped someone into a role and both client and candidate are happy.

A career in recruitment, contributing to those outcomes, can be quite rewarding.

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