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Sourcr Launches New e-Book - The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing

Chris Almond is the co-founder of Sourcr - a reviews and recommendations platform for recruiters. Sourcr recently launched a free e-Book, The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing which is creating a lot of positive feedback.

We spoke to Chris to find out more about the growth of Sourcr since its launch in 2017 and why recruitment marketing is becoming increasingly important.

Can you explain how Sourcr is paving the way for data-driven recruitment and why it is so effective in the 21st century?

Recruiters provide such an important service to businesses. McKinsey state that over one-third of senior leaders cite finding talent as their most significant managerial challenge. Partnering with a good recruiter can go a long way to supporting this, but there is limited social proof out there to identify who the best recruiter is. In a world where technology allows companies and individuals alike to not only gather all this data but also aggregate it and analyse it, our digital reputations are fast becoming our most valuable currency to build trust with our prospects and stand out above the competition.

How has your background in finance affected the way you operate at Sourcr?

I think having a background in finance has definitely helped in many ways. The obvious things are budgeting and cash flow management, but also understanding how our actions impact the company's success and my co-founder James’ experience in recruitment means we complement each other nicely.

The benefit of being a small start-up is our ability to be agile and try new things quickly. But, to do this well, you have to set and prioritise meaningful metrics that measure performance, which is something we're always improving and iterating on as we grow. Just as importantly, I gained great experience in meeting and speaking to business leaders and being exposed to their challenges which was a great learning platform for me. I'm a big believer in having a growth mindset personally and professionally.

The growth of your company since the launch in 2017 is remarkable, what do you attribute your success to?

I can probably summarise this with two things. The first is being customer focused. It sounds clichéd but it's true, and often not that easy to do unless it's something you embed into your strategy. We pride ourselves on our customer service and also value our customer’s opinions and ideas as much as our own. We proactively ask for, and listen to, feedback and this helps ensure we continue to grow our product for our customer and not for ourselves.

The second thing would be our approach to change. We were a very different product back in 2017, and whilst we were growing and doing well we knew there was an opportunity to do something completely different with more potential. It was a bold move to completely change our offering and it's paid off. I think we've always been great at having the courage to try new things, and we're not afraid to adapt quickly when things aren't working.

You talk about the importance of personal recommendations in recruitment. How has Sourcr incorporated this into the online business model?

Our whole business model has been focused on building recruiter trust and credibility and this is central to everything we do. Whilst most recruiters do a fantastic job and do the right thing by their clients and candidates, unfortunately some don’t.

We want to raise the standard of the industry and our goal is to help the best recruiters showcase their positive customer experiences and take control of their online reputation. Statistics show that 71% of B2B buyers look at reviews during the consideration stage and Sourcr helps recruiters collect verified reviews and also makes them easy to find through our integrated promotional tools.

You’ve recently launched an eBook on recruitment marketing which is creating a lot of positive feedback, what are some of the key areas you speak on and give advice about?

Yes, we launched the eBook as a resource recruiters and agency leaders can access to improve their marketing efforts and results. Marketing in recruitment is becoming increasingly important and in the digital age it's critical that this becomes a key part of your strategy to help you differentiate from the competition.

We did some research and found that, when it comes to marketing, one of the biggest challenges for recruiters is knowing where to start. So the eBook provides practical tips for an agency or recruiter to implement. Some of the things we cover are:

  • How to effectively reach your target audience

  • How to drive more candidates to your vacancies

  • Tips you can implement to improve your brand on social media

  • Creative content ideas for you to implement

It's a great, free tool for anyone looking to drive more results from their recruitment marketing.

Your ultimate guide to recruitment marketing is a great source of inspiration for those starting or looking to grow in the industry. Did you have any mentors or key drivers in your career?

I've never had a formal mentor, but I've luckily been able to learn and get advice from a lot of people, both in the industry and outside of it, who have contributed to my own personal development and the success of Sourcr. I like to have a growth mindset and believe there's a lot to learn from other people’s stories, both what to do and what not to do!

How does Sourcr’s partnership with RSCA benefit your clients?

Our partnership with the RCSA is truly down to alignment of values. Transparency, protection and promotion of its members is a core focus of the RCSA and we wanted to create more recognition for their member agencies and recruiters who adhere to their professional code of conduct.

Any of our clients who are RCSA members can showcase their membership on their profile and benefit from a wide range of features within the platform to further build trust and credibility in their brand.

And any agencies or recruiters that are part of the RCSA, can sign up to Sourcr for free and find out how we help them build trust and credibility with prospects.

For more information or to download the e-Book click here.

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