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AMRANZ Council Update

Summary of key discussion items from last Council meeting

The AMRANZ Council met on 1 March for their first meeting of 2022. The key matters discussed were:

  • AMRANZ is approaching NSW Health to discuss recent issues with the LMO agreements and that we will be approaching QHealth to discuss the new tender process and to provide industry feedback.

  • AMRANZ is also looking to build a stronger relationship with RACGP, to help influence decisions at the Federal level. Increases in the costs of the GP PEP Program will be addressed.

  • AMRANZ were represented at the Senate Inquiry relating to the provision of general practitioner and related primary health services to outer metropolitan, rural and regional Australians

  • The lack of clarity relating to DPA’s for GP’s was highlighted, and this will be raised with the Department of Health.

  • Ongoing attempts to build a more positive relationship with NZHP have not been successful. AMRANZ will continue to explore alternative options to engage where appropriate.

  • AMRANZ is exploring options for the development of medical recruitment specific training.

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