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Awards and Compliance News from is an Australian made, world class, multi award winning application that manages pay rates, modern awards, margins and compliance. The team at are subject matter experts on Fair Work Australia awards and legislative changes which ensure compliance and minimise risk to business. are industry experts and the CEO and founder Col Levander has over 30 years’ experience in the field of awards and rates within the recruitment industry. He is well-known and well-regarded for his knowledge and approach with a down-to-earth attitude. are in the business of mastering awards, agreements rates and compliance and share with RCSA members recent industry updates and information.

Awards and Compliance this month

  • There have been many changes to awards since 20th November 2020. Fair Work Australia, instead of updating awards in one hit, decided that this year awards would be reviewed in 3 tranches. First group 1st July 2020, second group 1st November 2020 and the last group of awards were finalised 1st Feb 2021. See full list:

  • In addition to changing rates within the awards, classifications were also altered with the determining language around casual payments and entitlements. The initial roll out affected 97 awards released on the 20th of November and 14 pay guides. We have listed the awards that have changed at the end of this article.

  • Since point 2- a further 27 pay guides have been altered to reflect this determination- some as recent as this week (at time of writing)

  • All awards have now been updated to our knowledge (Aged Care is scheduled for March 2021)

  • Legislation criminalising ‘Wage Theft’ was enacted in Victoria & Queensland in 2020 with high penalties for non-compliance

  • Next a focus on New Zealand Fair Pay Agreement legislation plus what other changes occur that it’s critical for you to be aware of

For more information on how you to easily manage awards, agreements and pay rates and introducing operational excellence with your day-to-day operational systems visit

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Awards that have changed since the 20th of November 2020:

Rail Industry Award [MA000015]

Registered and Licensed Clubs Award [MA000058]

Fitness Industry Award [MA000094]

Live Performance Award [MA000081]

General Retail Industry Award [MA000004]

Wool Storage, Sampling and Testing Award [MA000044

Medical Practitioners Award [MA000031]

Stevedoring Industry Award [MA000053]

Live Performance Award [MA000081]

Graphic Arts, Printing and Publishing Award [MA000026]

Seagoing Industry Award [MA000122]

Pastoral Award [MA000035]

Alpine Resorts Award [MA000092]

Telecommunications Services Award [MA000041]

Higher Education Industry - General Staff - Award [MA000007]

Travelling Shows Award [MA000102]

Sporting Organisations Award [MA000082]

Hair and Beauty Industry Award [MA000005]

Surveying Award [MA000066]

Supported Employment Services Award [MA000103]

Market and Social Research Award [MA000030]

RatesCalc will be providing high level updates on Award and Compliance changes on a monthly basis through The Brief. In addition to this regular piece, RatesCalc will also provide Awards and Compliance updates as changes are announced. To subscribe to these more regular updates, please click here.

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