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Building strong connections with RCSA – Abbott Group

Abbott Group is a key business support to RCSA members protecting their future financial wellbeing and acting as an advocate when managing insurance claims through risk advice, insurance, investment advice and KiwiSaver.

Who are the people behind this formidable partnership, which has now entered its fourth year?

Meet Senior Insurance Broker and Auckland Branch Manager, Charlton Cowley, and Christchurch Branch Manager, Regional Manager – South Island, Andrew Dufton.

The Brief spoke with the duo to find out more about the strong alliance, challenges, their interests, and goals for 2022.

You’ve worked closely with our RCSA community over the past three years. What do you find are the most common challenges and opportunities faced in recruitment and staffing that you assist members with?

“I think one of the most common challenges RCSA members are faced with is where their clients have stipulated insurance clauses and high policy limits into their contracts,” Charlton said. “This can be overwhelming, so we’ve helped members understand how insurance works ensuring they are adequately covered. We have produced some very good results and premiums savings without diminishing members’ covers.”

Andrew echoed Charlton’s sentiments highlighting that one of the most common challenges he heard from RCSA members was their insurance “seems like a one size fits all approach” and believed a bespoke option would be more beneficial.

What (three) key benefits do you see for RCSA members through this alliance?

Both Charlton and Andrew held similar views sighting the alliance offers:

· A business relationship with someone who has experience working with recruitment agents while understanding their industry and creating bespoke policies accordingly.

· A great claims service – this is where you would see your policy put to work.

· Competitive pricing and industry specific coverage.

What is your role at Abbotts and what do you enjoy most about it?

As Senior Insurance Broker and Auckland Branch Manager Charlton said growth and meeting new clients was what he enjoyed most about the role. “I enjoy working with my team and helping them grow, as well as meeting new and existing clients and assisting them with their insurance covers and requirements,” he said.

For Andrew who also holds a dual position as both Branch Manager and Regional Manager of four South Island branches, the most enjoyable aspects about his job are the team and helping people achieve their goals and in turn “the goals of the business”.

“The difference to our clients really is our people, they put the client at the centre of the whole process, and we never forget it’s a privilege to be entrusted with looking after people and their businesses,” Andrew said.

What about your time outside of work? What do you enjoy doing?

“Outside of work I play rugby and a bit of golf. I enjoy socialising and catching up with friends and most importantly spending quality time with my wife and three daughters,” Charlton said.

Like Charlton, Andrew is also a sports enthusiast. I enjoy travel (when possible!) and most sports, I’m a keen golfer and played a lot of football before the body started protesting too much,” Andrew said. “I have two teenage children and love spending time with them and supporting them as they go through life.”

What are you deeply passionate about?

Supporting youth and educating those in financial hardship are aspects that Charlton is most passionate about. “I like seeing people succeed on every level, also I am interested about learning from others as well as helping to create pathways to keep our youth involved,” he said.

Andrew’s passions centre on service. “I’m passionate about the service we provide – doing what you said you would, when you would – should be the bare minimum, but also doing things the right way, ethically and honestly,” Andrew said.

“My first boss used to say, “do the right thing, even if nobody is looking” and that has stayed with me.”

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

As travel has halted due to the pandemic, both Charlton and Andrew hope 2022 will unlock opportunities for movement.

“I am looking forward to the long weekends and traveling throughout NZ or overseas should we be able too. It would be good to see some my family overseas and have a few beers!” Charlton said.

“Travelling,” Andrew said. “I’m English and have my father and two sisters are back in England, I would love to get back there this year to see them all – fingers crossed!”

For more information about broker-led insurance plans contact:

North Island Charlton Cowley 021 713 677 09 820 9710 South Island Andrew Dufton 027 533 8180 03 366 7536

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