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Casual Changes the Backbone of the Bill for Business Certainty and Job Security

RCSA, the peak industry body for the staffing sector, has heralded the Senate’s support for the amended Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2021 as a desperately needed injection of confidence and stability that will support jobs growth at a pivotal time.

CEO Charles Cameron said the changes will deliver certainty, confidence and security for Australian businesses and workers as we near the conclusion of the JobKeeper scheme.

“The changes are a massive win for job creation and economic stability, providing certainty and security for casual workers and their employers. Let’s face it, job security comes on the back of business security and this new law delivers an enormous dose of confidence when business needs it most” said Mr. Cameron.

“The double dipping decisions of the Federal Court flipped casual employment on its head and created enormous uncertainty and liability for employers of casual workers. This uncertainty, combined with the impacts of COVID, was a recipe for job loss and business insecurity in Australia.”

“The most important thing business needs from government, to grow jobs, right now is a solution to the huge uncertainty caused by the Rossato and Skene decisions. That’s why these changes were always the backbone of the original Bill when it came to jobs and growth.”

“Without this legislative change we would have seen thousands of businesses go belly-up, through no fault of their own, and with them thousands of Australian jobs,” he said.

“Today the government, along with the crossbench senators who supported the changes, cast their vote for jobs and recovery. At a time when others struggled to see beyond ideological blinkers, their support demonstrated a commitment to outcomes, to jobs and to our economy.”

“We welcome the support of Senators Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts and Stirling Griff, who have demonstrated their keen understanding of how small business operates and how jobs are created.”

“These Senators have put Australian jobs and small business first. They have heard and understood the need for certainty around casual employment. They have considered issues pragmatically, not ideologically, and have prioritised jobs.’

“This amendment removes the roadblocks for Australia’s economic recovery. We now have a clear road ahead of us and a real opportunity to lead the world in economic recovery after the COVID economic shock”.

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