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Code of Professional Conduct

RCSA have been extremely proud of the approximately 3000 people who have completed the new online training module for the Code of Professional Conduct since it launched in August last year. We encourage members to join the online #codeofconductchallenge, and will shortly be launching a member story series and social media marketing tiles celebrating those members who have 100% of their staff fully Code trained.

RCSA members are reminded that the training is mandatory for all individual professional members, and all staff at our company members who are involved the delivery of employment, recruitment or staffing services. If you or your staff have not yet completed this quick and free online training, please do so as soon as possible. We understand that this has been a difficult year, however it is essential that you complete this training as soon as possible, and that you ensure that all your staff have completed. Our membership team can assist with ensuring all your staff are enrolled in bulk, and provide you with reporting on how many and who has completed

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