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Covid chatbot saves agencies 25-28 recruiter hours per week during Sydney’s strict lockdown

There have been many challenges associated with the recent lockdown. With stringent restrictions for areas such as Sydney’s Fairfield and Bankstown LGAs in particular. The latest regulations require all workers who work outside of their homes (like medical workers, aged care workers, process workers and manufacturing workers) to complete a Covid test every three days.

To remain compliant, the recruitment and labour hire agencies need to keep track of the status of all of their workers’ Covid tests - maintaining a database of their results, reminding workers that it’s time for their next tests and ensuring workers who have not completed their required checks do not enter the workplace. Failure to do this could result in large fines at best, and substantial community transmission at worst.

Multiple smartAI clients have candidates working in these LGAs. So we knew we had to do something…

In just over two days we developed the Covid chatbot. With this solution, 85% of the manual work is eliminated for the recruiters. They do not need to remind candidates every 3 days that it’s time for another test, they do not need to chase test results and they do not need to keep a filing system for all negative test results and candidate updates - the Covid chatbot does it all for them. All while integrating the information directly into their ATS/CRM.

This simplifies the process for candidates too. They can engage with the Covid chatbot when it’s convenient for them, on any device and regardless of their location. The moment they get their negative test result via text from the government, for example, they can upload a screenshot of these results straight into the chatbot (which then feeds through into the recruiter’s system). In case they have not proactively gone for their test and updated their info on the system, the Covid chatbot also sends candidates text updates and reminders to complete the process.

In the first week of updated restrictions alone, our clients report savings of 25-28 hours in recruiter follow ups and admin management. While we’re currently sitting on a 92% candidate completion rate.

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