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Database Automation: Giving the power back to recruiters

In the latest edition of The Brief, Chris South, CEO of Roi-Ai explains how automation is tackling recruitment challenges by bringing databases to life.

Ask any recruitment owner about their database, and they will happily tell you about the vast mountains of candidate and client data they have stored on it. It is almost a badge of honour.

However, gone are the days where clients are impressed by these large numbers – now, what is important is how efficiently this information can be accessed and converted into value.

This was the problem that Chris South, the managing director of recruitment marketing agency, Prominence, and now CEO of marketing automation business, Roi-AI, wanted to solve. Time and time again, Chris was seeing recruiters struggle with four common database issues that made extracting value from their database virtually impossible. They were:

  1. Poorly coded databases containing lots of irrelevant data, made searching them extremely time-consuming.

  2. Unreliable information that quickly became out of date as people changed jobs, locations, or industries.

  3. Static data that did not reflect a candidate’s current job search behaviour.

  4. Archaic methods of contacting candidates, with approaches happening either manually or through bulk ‘spray and pray’ techniques.

It was after several frustrating years of trying to address his recruitment clients’ database pain points that Chris decided to take matters into his own hands. He had been trialling a range of mainstream tools that connected to recruitment databases through integration software, but the end results, he found, were nearly always subpar.

“Achieving functional connectivity with the traditional solutions available on the market required a significant amount of expertise. Once implemented, the integrations would often break and there were many limitations around what could be achieved,” he said.

His solution Roi-AI uses trigger-based automations, customer activity tracking and multi-channel communications technology to bring databases to life.

“Databases are essential for storing and managing candidate information, but they can quickly become ineffective when not maintained,” he said. “This is where Roi-AI comes in.”

Roi-AI automatically maintains database integrity, ensures information is kept current and provides live candidate/client insights through activity tracking and activity scoring.

This makes it significantly faster and more cost-efficient for recruiters to navigate through the system to find candidates, create shortlists and fill roles, streamlining their day-to-day tasks.

Chris explained that one of the simplest forms of automation utilised in the software is designed to engage candidates via text, email and/or WhatsApp.

After reaching out to the candidate, the Roi-AI chatbot automatically updates the information in the recruitment database and alerts the relevant recruiter.

This process can also be tailored to suit the specific requirements of each recruitment agency. For example, one firm may want to target a group of known contractors, while another may want to run it across all candidates who attended a client interview more than a year ago.

“The key is that the information held in the database is constantly refreshed and updated, with immediate notifications going to the recruitment team,” Chris said.

The benefit of Roi-AI is not just to the agencies themselves, but to jobseekers. Chris believes jobseekers will be more inclined to choose a recruitment company using this solution, as they would be contacted about relevant roles at the right time.

“When working with a recruitment agency that utilises Roi-AI, jobseekers will have a better experience with regular communication and opportunities to provide feedback throughout their recruitment journey,” he said.

There has been a lot of positive feedback from Roi-AI’s initial customers, but winning RCSA’s recent Talent X Pitch Fest provided the broader validation from the recruitment and staffing sector.

Chris said the goal of their pitch aligned with that of the entire event – to inspire agency owners and their teams to look at how innovation can help their businesses to thrive.

“When our name was announced, it began to sink in how significant the opportunity is for automation to have a positive impact on the recruitment sector,” he said.

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