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Seven last minute tips for your 2022 RCSA Industry Award application

With nominations for the 2022 RCSA Industry Awards closing this month and many of our members working hard on their applications, we have put together our seven top tips for completing and submitting your application.

Our annual awards provide an opportunity to recognise the best of the best across the sector throughout Australia and New Zealand. They are known for unearthing outstanding achievers within the space.

Have a read through our tips and then don’t forget to submit your application by Monday 21 February.

You can find more information here.

Our seven top tips

1. Make sure you qualify

Have a close look at the many categories that you can apply for before you start your application. Which category do you best sit in?

If you are not sure, run the idea past a trusted peer for their thoughts.

If you do not meet the criteria for a particular award category, look for other categories where you are eligible. Or, make a note of what steps you need to take to be eligible to apply for the award next year.

2. Stick to the criteria

We cannot stress this enough – read the criteria for the award and stick to it.

This year, the criteria has changed – so we strongly encourage you to review before completing your submission.

If you want your application to stand out, don’t let it be for the wrong reasons such as telling a great story which has nothing to do with the awards criteria.

When an industry body sets awards criteria, it is not done haphazardly. The criteria has been set for a reason. If the judges are to judge your application against others, you will have no chance if you have gleefully disregarded the criteria which is clearly stated.

3. Check your grammar and spelling

This is where you need to follow your own advice to jobseekers. How many times have you stressed to candidates the importance of clean applications, resumes and cover letters with no spelling or grammatical mistakes?

The same applies to those entering industry awards. Award applications riddled with spelling errors are treated in the same way job applications with the same errors would be; the content of the application is lost behind the mistakes and the application is immediately discounted.

4. Stick to word limits

If the application criteria asks you to answer a question in 250 words or less, do not exceed that limit.

Judges are looking at a lot of applications and those which ignore the rules by including too much information will be binned. It’s that simple.

5. Answer EVERY question

Some applicants may be tempted to gloss or skip over sections or questions they don’t feel they are particularly strong on, or which they feel is repetitive of other questions.

If you are asked to answer a question, do it. If you are asked to answer three questions, answer three questions. If you cannot follow the rules of the application process, your application will not be considered.

Also consider how you will provide substance to your answers. Backing your statements up with evidence will ensure the judges know all the facts. The entry process allows you the opportunity to back up your claims by attaching various evidence files.

6. Entries can be started on the portal and saved to come back to later… you don’t need to complete the entry in full in one sitting.

If you’ve followed the advice in Tip number six then this one is also especially good to know.

Make sure you take your time but don’t worry if you suddenly need to attend a meeting in the middle of your preparation.

You can save your entry as you go and come back to it later.

7. Have courage and be proud of your achievements

It’s hard to put yourself out there but now is the time to be proud of your achievements and successes and have the courage to talk about them.

By telling your story in a clear and well presented way and focusing on what you do well, you will put your best foot forward.

Good luck!

To see the full criteria and categories for this year’s RCSA awards, click here.

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