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Entertainer shares career insights ahead of hosting RCSA awards night

Popular entertainer Tim Campbell will MC this year’s RCSA Industry Awards night in Australia.

Tim has enjoyed a long and diverse career in the entertainment industry, as a stage and television actor, TV host and singer.

The versatile and sought-after performer is looking forward to hosting the Australian 2022 RCSA Industry Awards, which will honour the best and brightest talent in Australia’s recruitment sector.

With Tim and his band also performing on the night, this is an event not to be missed.

We caught up with Tim to find out about his journey in an industry that is renowned for being tough to crack, let alone forge a career in.

You were quite young when you landed your first acting gig as Brad on Home & Away. Tell us about the role – was it what you expected? What did you learn?

As much as I thought it was my big career mover, I did soon realise that a one-episode role on Home and Away at the age of 17 wasn’t going to open doors (one of likely 2000 episodes at that point!) However, it did lead me to obtaining my first agent, and was the start of my love of screen acting (well, many failed and some successful auditions). It was also the start of the game of resilience and perseverance that a young actor needs to learn, sooner rather than later.

Did you go to uni or study performing arts?

The old saying ‘black sheep of the family’ certainly applies to me. Coming from a family of bankers and accountants, the Performing Arts was certainly a foreign industry, especially for me. I was accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts to study Drama/Acting straight out of high school, however that was probably too large a leap for the naive boy from the western suburbs of Sydney, so I did return home a year later. From there on in, it was a lot of on-the-job training that furthered my performing career. “Of course, I can do that” was a line I used a lot to secure a job, whether true or not. Thankfully, I’m a fast learner.

Have you had any jobs outside the entertainment industry? Did you enjoy them?

You learn as a young actor that you need other employment to support the frequent downturn in work. In the early days I worked casually at almost every job you could think of. In fact, my husband is still stunned when I randomly say, “oh I used to work at a place like that”. I had to pay the rent somehow! And again, my old line “of course I can do that”.

You are now a sought-after performer, but the entertainment industry is notoriously hard to crack. Was it a bumpy road? How did you deal with rejection?

The bumps will never end, but I learnt early on where I sit in the market, and pretty much paved my own way. There’s virtually no one way to create a career in the arts.

I also had the headspace to realise this was an entertainment industry, which means I would spend equal amounts of time on the ‘industry’ part as I would the ‘entertainment’ part. I guess my family background and understanding of finance and business was an asset in the end.

I also found a passion for other aspects of performing, and found a way to learn the craft, and this soon became my acting ‘back-up’ job. I found a job at the age of 20 as a singer and dancer at a theme park (hadn’t done either before - don’t tell them!), and this opened a whole other avenue of a love of work as well as live hosting. Today, my live hosting and band work is my primary work as a performer, which I love, and may not have happened without those early discoveries.

What would your advice be to someone who is passionate about their career but isn’t having success landing the type of role that they want?

Understand your place in the market, and then work out where you want to be. You may have to create your own path to your ambitions, which can be so rewarding. But don’t forget, that path likely relies on others too. People management should be taught from a very early age! And make sure you step back and appreciate the steps along the way. Your ambitions/passions may even change when you experience something different along the way. That’s OK too, be flexible and open.

Finally, what do you love most about your work?

My job is to make people smile, laugh, and escape their every day. It’s not complicated, nor should it be, but like these RSCA Industry awards, my ‘job’ is to help create an exciting night, celebrating the great successes of those in the room. I love to focus on an audience and help give them the experience they want… and then they pay me! What’s not to love about this as a job? It still brings me the same joy as the audience. OK sure, the champagne on the tables helps with my job too!

Several new categories have been introduced this year in recognition of the way the recruitment, staffing and workforce solutions sector has succeeded through the Covid pandemic.

To discover more about this year’s awards, click here. To book your seats for the event, click here.

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