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Farewell to the beloved queen of nurses, Louise Thomson

The community thanks and farewells Louy for enriching the lives of so many women

The RCSA community, and Australian community as a whole, said goodbye to one of Australia’s first registered nurses and midwives at a colourful send-off on Friday March 5, which included a vibrant red procession through Melbourne CBD.

Louise (Louy) May Thomson was farewelled in grandeur by White Lady Funerals who designed in consultation with her husband, Steve Thomson, a moving service befitting of Louy’s larger-than-life personality.

The send-off included a sea of hot pink and true red. The hearse carried her custom casket adorned with her favourite red and pink flowers, with her beloved red Porsche in prime position in front, alongside eight magnificent white horses with red plumage who led the procession with a guard of honour held by Caring for You team members who sported their signature pink uniforms.

The adored wife and mother touted many personal and professional milestones leaving impacts deeply woven throughout her networks and communities.

“Louy was the first member of The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) and was recorded as the first registered nurse and midwife in the country,” Steve said. “Her career continued to evolve and she opened her leading recruitment agency, Caring for You, which specialises in placing dedicated nurses.

“During the pandemic year of 2020, her agency Caring for You, employed 4,326 dedicated nurses and carers, and together deployed over 1,100 individual nurses and carers each week to cover hundreds of healthcare facilities.

“Louy knew a lot of people across the medical profession and her business will be survived and grown by her three children who continue to play instrumental roles.

“Her work in empowering women to progress their corporate careers or develop their personal lives will be memorialised through a new foundation we’re establishing in her name.”

Following Louy’s service, her colourful procession moved across the Melbourne CBD and finished at The Glasshouse where the wake was held.

“Louy wore many hats as a wife, mother, nurse, midwife and CEO, and she was fearless in subbing those hats for couture pieces,” Steve said.

“Louy presented at many industry events at The Glasshouse and even used the venue to host her Gatsby events for the nursing industry; it was the perfect place for all who loved her to share in her memories and style.

“We were proud to show 12 mannequins displaying her favourite outfits and accessories from some of the happiest moments of her life.”

Steve said Louy was his truest soulmate and adoring mother to Blake, Grace and Belle.

“While so many knew Louy as the businesswoman and passionate nurse and midwife, I knew her as the great love of my life who gave our family and incredible story and future,” Steve said.

“She was my Lady Di and she even shared the same birthday as her Royal Highness. Louy used to dress so opulently and speak with such genuine interest – sometimes it was funny to watch people react to her style for the first time and be won over by her warmth and energy.

“And she loved red. Her first car was a red Corolla and she kept upgrading until she found her baby, the red Porsche which led the procession during her final journey across Melbourne.

“Of course, she needed a signature red casket befitting of her style and passion and was led from the service by a host of white horses with red plumage, alongside a chorus of Caring for You team members sporting their vibrant pink uniforms.

“Louy was driven across iconic Melbourne, back to the place where we had our first date; she gave this ex-policeman the greatest gift for three decades.”

Louy, Steve and their children enjoyed growing up around horses with Steve choosing the sound of their ‘clip-clopping’ to welcome and farewell Louy from the church.

Steve, Blake, Grace and Belle, together with their family, extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported them during this time.

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