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Finding your passion is key to success in recruitment

By Mary Savova

2020 RCSA Rising Star Award Winner

2020 has been a rollercoaster to say the least, but one highlight has been winning the 2020 RCSA Rising Star award. These awards show that the effort we put in doesn’t go unnoticed, which is a really great feeling. I wasn’t expecting to make it to finalist, let alone win, so I am extremely proud to be recognised in our industry.

Recruitment isn’t just a job to me, it gives me a sense of purpose and is something I’m genuinely passionate about. I give it my all, and perhaps that’s what set me apart. I know that can be said for a lot of people but I really pride myself on efficiency and desire to continuously upskill. I do have big goals and expectations for myself but I also try to stay realistic.

I’m not set on being the highest billing recruiter in the country (although it would be nice!). For me it’s about building strong, genuine and lasting relationships with clients, candidates and my peers that will then allow me to have long-term success. I like to have open and honest conversations with those around me. Every conversation is a chance to build respect and rapport.

I constantly take part in training, seminars and opportunities that focus on both selling skills and technical skills. No matter how long you have been in the game, you can always learn more and training is one of the most valuable tools you can have to continue setting yourself apart from your competitors. Especially in a time driven by technical advances it’s important to be able to learn, adapt and change when necessary.

The recruitment industry is continuously evolving and, from what I understand, is very different now to what is was 20 years ago. Over the past few years I have seen some huge changes, particularly around artificial intelligence and chat bots. In my opinion, this means our role as a recruiter will change from being transactional to one that is more focussed on relationships.

This pandemic has fast tracked that with many businesses unfortunately having to halt their recruitment. ‘Flick and stick’ won’t work, it’s about knowing what your client really needs, what their struggles are in the business, and partnering with them to find a solution.

My advice to newcomers is to find an industry you are passionate about. This might not come to you straight away but just look for something that will bring you joy. A good employer will only encourage your passion and help you build it.  I didn’t know I would love legal, and yes, temp and contract legal support is a niche little bubble, but it means I have clear understanding of the roles and the industry. Whatever you’re passionate about in recruiting, become an expert and enjoy the knowledge you obtain.

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