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Five-day Reset Challenge: Reset – Recharge - Regroup

To support Mental Wellness Week in NZ, a group of RCSA NZ members joined in on a 5-part RESET Challenge led by Growth Facilitator and Keynote speaker Kirsten Leng from Infinitus Professional Development

Kirsten kindly donated her time and expertise in facilitating the challenge to the RCSA and our members as a way of saying thank you, and also to support us in these times of change.

The 5-day Reset Challenge was designed to help our members to ‘take back the controls and reset’.

Each morning for five days, members spent 30 minutes taking on that day’s ‘Reset Challenge’.

The purpose was about receiving an inspiration injection;  each participant took the time to become re-energised and laser focused on what’s important to them in order to finish 2020 with a bang.

With so much change going on in the last 6-months many members have been focusing on everyone else but themselves and they were challenged to switch the spotlight back to themselves.

RCSA’s Learning and Development Manager, Cheryll Seslija joined in and said, “Kirsten delivered a punchy and purposeful reset challenge and coached our community in a way that each individual intuitively knew the answers but needed the guidance to reach clarity.

“There is no doubt, Kirsten continues to impact the many who joined the challenge through her effective use of daily habits.”

Participants were also offered an exciting prize to win a place on Kirsten’s  8-week ‘Your Infinite Potential Formula™’ virtual programme which kicked off in October.

One of the most exciting outcomes included feedback from participants. Following the challenge, 100% of participants who completed the post-challenge survey indicated that they had implemented the reset challenges in their lives.

Some of the outstanding comments from members following the challenge included:

“ I’ve implemented all of the set challenges. I particularly loved Tiny Habits and the Recovery Pillars. These two have now been extended to my family - which includes my rather reluctant 15-year-old son.”

“Taking time out for me, even if it is only half an hour a day, makes a huge difference for my wellbeing.”

“Sprint reset - choosing a task, removing distractions, setting my timer for an hour and focusing on this one thing. It’s working a treat!”

“The 3 step self-awareness model - self check, self-aware and self-regulate - is the most helpful. This includes setting up reminders during the day. I am getting to know how I am feeling at various parts of the day, acknowledging them, assessing if this serves my purpose and then moving on.”

At the end of the Reset Challenge members interested in attending the programme submitted their reasons for wanting to attend. The submissions were so amazing that Kirsten couldn’t decide who the lucky recipient would be - so she created an RCSA cohort and choose 12 lucky winners!

For proactive, practical growth tips and videos follow Kirsten on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube.

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