Growing and Succeeding within the TEN

Elizabeth Pettit MRCSA, from PPD Search, is part of RCSA’s TEN (Talent Executive Network) Group, a RCSA initiative designed to allow recruitment leaders to learn from peers and to drive growth and success within their business.

The aims of the network include to gain exposure to other leadership styles and business solutions, share business challenges and develop leadership skills.

The Brief spoke to Elizabeth about TEN and how the group’s support has provided the support she needed through the challenges of 2020.

Why did you originally join RCSA’s Talent Executive Network (TEN)?

For some time, as the sole owner of my business, I had been feeling the need for a group of people to talk to or bounce ideas off. There is also a lot to be said for sharing experiences with others, and realising that they are also experiencing, or have experienced, many of the same issues.

As soon as I joined this incredibly supportive group of ten others, I felt that I could reach out if I had any issues. Several of the group are very experienced and have become great mentors. I no longer feel alone.

Can you give an example of how being in the TEN group has helped you?

In my first session with TEN, I was asked to rate how I was feeling and how my business was going during some of the worst months affected by COVID in May and June 2020.

I reported honestly that our job rate had declined. Usually, we have about 50 jobs on at a time, and we were down to eight. It meant I was faced with a dilemma about two recruiters I had working for me, who were both on working visas and, therefore, were not eligible for Job Keeper.

I unfortunately had no choice but to reduce both to only two days a week, which obviously had a huge affect on them. One had to move from Sydney to the Gold Coast to live with her sister, and the other had very few options available to them.

As part of the TEN meeting, I discussed this with the group and Grahame Doyle, Executive General Manager at Toll People reached out to me. They were so busy they couldn’t keep up with demand and he asked if he could help by employing my two staff members in full time work for the next five to six months.

I was so grateful to him for looking after them and he was thrilled with their work.

They are now back working with me and we are fortunate to be able to provide them full time work once again.

This is just one example of the power of the TEN group, and the network and the support available through the people involved.

Do you recommend TEN for others?

I absolutely recommend that other business owners or executives join a TEN group. Not only does it allow you to connect on a deep level with your peers, the open and supportive discussions can help drive your business forward and help give you a platform for discussing your own business’ challenges and goals. It really is a rewarding community to be part of.

To find out more about TEN and how to express your interest in applying click here.

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