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How businesses and employees in Australia and New Zealand perceive flexible working

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The pandemic forced businesses around the world to re-evaluate the future of work. Combine that with advances in technology, particularly in the recruitment space, and it opens further questions, challenges, and analysis between the two.

Recently, software company CloudCall, one of RCSA’s preferred partners, undertook research to find out how businesses and employees in Australia and New Zealand perceive flexible working.

The research: The workplace today: employee wellbeing, productivity and customer service, found 93 per cent of companies across ANZ have a flexible work approach, which is an increase of 25 per cent since 2019.

Also, an average 35 per cent of businesses surveyed stated mental health improved in a flexible working model whilst 36 reported reported a deterioration.

The Brief spoke with Chris Apthorpe – CloudCall’s Senior Country and Sales Director ANZ, to uncover a key insight from the report, technical challenges recruitment teams face today and what recruiters can look forward to in 2022.

The report stated that a lot of businesses are talking about the future of work, with many employees favouring a flexible work approach but with a need for new systems to support workers remotely.

“We focused on many things in the report - not just on technology because we really wanted to understand how the new way of working due to COVID impacts us, together with the use of technology, on a person’s mental health and job satisfaction across 250 Australian and New Zealand businesses,” Chris said.

Chris said the report found respondents had identified several common issues and frustrations around the lack of effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Unified Communications (UC) integration, such as insecure or inappropriate data use, inaccurate customer records and managing multiple systems and tools, among other issues. 

“Time is of the essence for recruiters so if you’re tracking down candidate information or swapping between your software or manually going from one device to another this can cost you your candidate. But when you have all your data and process held on the same platform you regain hours of valuable contact time to get to your ideal candidate.”

“The research tells us that 78 per cent of people want their technology improved so now is the time to adapt and find ways to streamline processes.”

What are the biggest technological challenges recruitment teams are facing today?

According to Chris, there are two main one challenges for businesses - keeping up with advances in technology and accepting change around learning and using new technology.

“You’re never truly future proofed (remember desk phones you had in your office?) because tech will never stop evolving. So, the challenge for RCSA members is, how do they ensure they can always gain access to the latest tech when needed?”

“That starts, I believe, with what they have invested in today at the core of their business - like their CRM. The challenge is then picking integrated technology that connects to their CRM, is built for recruitment specifically and will provide the opportunity to further increase productivity, increase bookings, and drive growth of their business.”

According to Chris, while adopting new technology is important, accepting new technology is another issue that needs close attention.

“People don’t typically like a lot of change and I probably fall into that category myself, in fact I know I do. For me adoption starts at the top of a business’s hierarchy. The challenge is, once you have your solution, it’s been rolled out, people trained, and money spent - can you be strong enough as leaders to hold your people accountable to use the technology you have invested in?”

What can recruiters expect to see in 2022 for CloudCall?

Chris said there’s plenty to look forward to this year including:

  • AI becoming a key part of CRM systems.

  • Deeper automation through CRMs.

  • Voice and conversational UI CRM integration.

Next month, on April 7, RCSA will host a webinar alongside CloudCall, which will take a deep dive into the findings of the report.

For more information about the webinar and how to book your spot click here.

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