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Meet the winner of the Outstanding Supplier award at the 2021 RCSA Australian Awards - JobAdder

By Martin Herbst, CEO of JobAdder

Winning the Outstanding Supplier 2021 at the RCSA Industry Awards last year was a huge moment for myself and the entire JobAdder team.

It really all came down to one thing; our passionate commitment to our customers.

Customer is at the core of everything we do, taking pride of place in our JobAdder values and acting as a touchstone for every team across JobAdder globally.

This was reflected in the judges’ comments which stated: “JobAdder had developed a selfless initiative that was offered at no cost at a time when it was needed most. The initiative was purposeful, generous and relevant whilst adding value to the industry, not just clients. It was agreed the initiative was beyond business-as-usual which gave this submission an edge and made it a worthy winner of this category”.

This truly means so much to us. We love our customers and it’s great to see our customers and others see this.

I really believe the thing that sets us apart from other suppliers in this industry is our commitment to our customers and developing the best platform possible for them.

This is really reflected in our numbers; JobAdder helped to place over 307,500 jobs in the 2020-2021 financial year and our platform is used by more recruiters in ANZ than any other platform.

Our development, product and customer success teams work closely together to develop new essential features and ensure amazing experiences for our customers.

This is only going to continue in 2022! I'm incredibly excited about what JobAdder is set to achieve this year and what we're going to be 12 months from now.

Our team is full of anticipation, optimism and positive energy and we want this to be felt by our customers and partners across the globe as we tackle the challenges of the new year and The Great Resignation.

People are re-evaluating their life and career choices at a rate we haven’t seen in our lifetime. Many are looking for a deeper purpose at their job, for meaningful connection and a place that shares their values.

We’re preparing for this at JobAdder by staying true to ourselves. We deeply believe in our purpose to ‘make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone’ and in our values grounded in empathy, serving the customer, innovation and driving results.

We back this up in everything we do, and this is shining through to our prospective talent across the globe.

I’m not worried about The Great Resignation, I’m optimistic. Every challenging situation opens up opportunities. There’s now an opportunity for companies to become better versions of themselves and to truly connect their strategy to their purpose and vision.

We want to be a part of this journey for companies and recruitment agencies across the globe.

As the RSCA Outstanding Supplier 2021, we hope to deliver outstanding value and performance to all of our customers as they navigate this new year.

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