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Meet Felila Feausi – winner of the Industry Leader award at the 2021 NZ RCSA Industry Awards

Felila Asiata-Feausi, National Growth and Partnership Manager at Alignz Recruitment took out the prestigious Industry Leader award at the 2021 NZ RCSA Industry Awards.

With over 10 years’ experience in talent acquisition, Felila was recognised in the 2021 RSCA Awards for her competitive team player attitude and natural ability to develop rapport with clientele and candidates.

We spoke to Felila about her career journey which led to becoming an industry leader and what the award means to her.

She also shares some invaluable advice to those starting in the industry about goal setting and genuine relationship building in recruitment.

What does winning NZ’s Recruitment Industry Leader award mean to you?

I was very humbled and honoured to receive the RCSA Industry Leader award 2021.

It was a surreal moment when my name was announced as the winner that evening. Are there any bigger words to describe; I am very grateful.

What experiences have shaped you into a recruitment industry leader?

I have been in Recruitment for close to 20 years. My passion has always been with people and leaving a positive impact on them. I have learnt a lot throughout my journey in the world of Recruitment filled with a lot of highs and a lot of lows.

I am grateful for the learnings as they have empowered me with knowledge. Learning how to build, manage, coordinate and lead. Be sharp, proactive, reactive and how to speak and understand the different industries and the language used. Heels converted to steel cap boots, skirts became reflected long trousers and pretty suits to high vis shirts.

You also learn a lot about yourself. Resilience, staying agile, forward thinking and always being prepared.

How do these learnings and values play a part in your day-to-day work at Alignz Recuitment?

Working for Alignz Recruitment, our values have been pivotal to who we are, how we operate and have been the guiding foundation for me when leading the team.

There is no good leader without a great team. I am grateful for an awesome team that continuously drive and learn but remember to have fun too.

What advice you would give to someone starting out in their recruitment career?

If there’s any tips I can share with you that has made me who I am today:

  • Be present – building relationships and understand people is important.

  • Be curious – get to know and understand your team. Your clientele, the wider community and what’s going on in the market. We are the experts in our field and it’s important we keep in touch of what is happening.

  • Be a team player – the All Blacks didn’t become the number 1 rugby team by playing by themselves. They respected each other’s roles and played as a team: working on their weaknesses, using their strengths, and owning their space. That’s when you know you have a great team.

  • Culture – keeping a good culture in a team environment is very important. Most of your time is at work and you want people to look forward to coming to work.

  • Communication – clarity and understanding of expectations is important. You don’t always get it right the first time, but I guarantee it will get better.

  • Consistency – If you are influencing a space or creating good habits, consistent messaging and structure is important.

  • Goal setting – no one is “awesome” without setting yourself benchmarks to work towards.

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