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Meet PEARL mentee, Scott King

We sat down with Scott King from INSIDE Recruitment to discuss his experience in the 2020 PEARL mentoring program. Scott shares some of his memorable moments and advice on how to develop a stronger sense of confidence in the industry.

PEARL aims to develop the capacity of the sector and nurture our next generation of leaders by encouraging the sharing of leadership knowledge between new and experienced leaders. Applications for our 2021 program are now open.

Click here for more information and to register for the 2021 program.

Your involvement in the PEARL 2020 mentoring program has proven the impact and importance the role of a Mentor can be in a young developing recruiter’s career. What drove you to initially become a mentee?

I became aware of the PEARL mentoring program during an RCSA meeting and the idea of having someone from outside the Wellington market, someone detached, to seek advice and guidance from seemed really appealing.

It was shortly after the initial COVID lock down in NZ and I was trying to figure out what I was trying to achieve from my career in recruitment.

I have a lot of opportunity with my current organisation; however, I was looking to work with someone outside the business to help guide me to a place where I could make the most of those opportunities while also getting a lot of satisfaction and development out of my work.

You have shown how being a mentee can greatly influence a person’s resilience and their ability to ask for help. What is one of the most memorable moments from your experiences in the program?

I feel very fortunate that the style and outlook on life between my mentor and I are very aligned. I think this has been a big factor in helping me feeling comfortable seeking advice from someone I didn’t really know.

What I’ve really benefitted from during my time in the program is small and actionable tweaks that have really helped me to grow and refine what my offering is. My mentor has been really good at listening to what motivates me and tailoring really specific advice that I can work into my day. Some of this has been easy, but at times it has pushed me right outside my comfort zone.

One of the other things I have enjoyed is getting to talk to someone about the challenges of recruitment with a completely independent view of what is happening in the local market. I’ve found it breaks the feedback loop you can sometimes get in to when talking to people around you.

What advice can you provide to those looking to launch their careers in HR and find a stronger sense of confidence in the industry?

Confidence is something you build incrementally over time and recruitment, like probably a lot of other professions, has some big highs and big lows.

I think if you are choosing a career like this, you want to be really clear on what your purpose is. Why do you come to work? What does success look like for you? And how can you constantly improve what you do to get better?

If you have a strong grounding in these things, I think it’s easier to work though the tough days and build resiliency. Above all, I think you need to find an organisation and culture that resonates with your values. If you can do that, you can’t really go wrong.

I think if you view the profession as a way to make a quick buck, you won’t last very long and you probably won’t have many friends!

Do you have any general insights or advice to share around the recruitment and staffing industry’s current and future challenges?

What I’m noticing more and more is that clients and candidates expect more from recruitment companies, which is clearly reasonable.

There is a lot of new technology around that can help simplify some of the process, but the truth is it still comes back to relationships and trust.

You can embrace the technology as much as you like, but if you are not listening to people, their motivations, pain points, and career aspirations, you won’t be able to deliver the service people expect.

Where possible, we still do all of our work face-to-face but unfortunately, for some companies, this is something being left behind in favour of convenient technology.

To find out more about the PEARL mentoring program for 2021 and to apply click here. Applications for the NZ program close on 16 July.

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