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Meet the author of ‘Get the job you really want’ and RCSA board director Erin Devlin

We had the privilege of talking to Erin Devlin, business mentor, media commentator, recruitment industry leader and the author of ‘Get the job you really want’. Erin is the 2017 RCSA SEEK Professional Recruiter of the Year, Managing Director of people2people Recruitment Victoria and CEO of Infront Sports Consulting. She is also a finalist for this year’s RCSA Industry Leader Award.

RCSA CEO, Charles Cameron recently caught up with Erin for an on-video chat. Check it out here.

We talk to Erin about her unconventional career path into recruitment, her passion for mentoring and supporting job seeker interests, and her new role as Next Gen Director for RCSA.

For those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve worked in recruitment nearly 15 years, I’m a mum of twin toddlers and I am lucky enough to lead a team of talented recruitment consultants as the current Managing Director of people2people Recruitment Victoria.

I’ve just written my first book called ‘Get the job you really want’ released by Major Street Publishing this year. I did this because I believe that everyone deserves to have a great job, a job that they love. It’s a book to help jobseekers with their job search, interviews, and marketing themselves to prospective employers and contains advice that recruiters can use to help their candidates secure a brilliant job.

I also lead a people2people business called Infront Sports Consulting, which assists professional athletes and coaches transitioning within or outside of sport.

I’m passionate about the recruitment industry and I have been an RCSA Volunteer for the past ten years, first as a councillor and then Chair of the RCSA VIC/TAS Council, and now I am delighted to step into the position of Next Gen Director for RCSA.

In this role, I look forward to leading the attraction and development of the next generation of professional recruiters in our industry and exploring emerging trends.

How long have you been a member of RCSA?

Since my career began in 2010.

Describe your journey in becoming a recruitment consultant? What attracted you to the industry?

I had a somewhat unconventional path into recruitment, having started my career as a ballerina with the Australian Ballet at the age of 12. After performing professionally for seven years as a dancer, I worked for Emirates Airlines for a couple of years before starting in recruitment.

I was attracted to the industry because I could see the opportunity to help a variety of people grow their careers and businesses. Never had I seen a career that offered so many personal development opportunities too. The harder I worked, the luckier I got.

It didn’t matter that I was 23, female, a former ballerina and flight attendant - a career in recruitment opened opportunities for me both professionally with career development and personally through earning potential. From the start I loved learning about a variety of different businesses and careers, and making a difference in people’s lives. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed the brilliant team atmosphere of recruitment.

My journey in recruitment has been incredibly rewarding. I worked for a large multinational recruitment agency before launching my own boutique agency back in 2010. I merged that business with people2people Recruitment back in 2015 to form the Victorian branch of the company.

Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength with people2people Victoria achieving more than 70% growth in almost all years. We recently achieved another branch record in 2021, with the team on track to break records again throughout this year.

I’ve been lucky enough to be awarded the 2017 RCSA SEEK Professional Recruiter of the Year award and to be a finalist for this years’ RCSA Industry Leader Award 2021. My involvement in volunteering with the RCSA over the past ten years has been incredibly rewarding too, watching our industry evolve and grow.

What do you feel the RCSA and its members need to

prioritise to attract the next generation of consultants?

I would love to see recruitment as a desired profession amongst graduates and career changers.

It offers so many benefits and opportunities for individuals, both professionally and personally, as a rewarding career. Development of university courses with major course streams in recruitment and talent acquisition would be a great start, along with short course education options for those wanting to enter the recruitment industry.

I’d love to see a reduction of turnover in the early years of professional recruitment careers, with robust training and systems in place across all agencies, and RCSA can help to provide guidance on this.

I’d also love to see continued profiling of rising stars within our industry, showcasing their successes and what they love about recruitment and, in turn, raise the profile of recruitment as a choice of profession.

We also have opportunities to develop individual member pathways, facilitate easier entry into the industry for graduates and career changers, and opportunities to strengthen relationships with universities and career advisors.

What kind of involvement are you looking for from RCSA members to assist with this mission?

We’d love to hear from RCSA members interested in the attraction and development of the next generation of recruitment professionals in our industry.

Whether you’re keen to offer advice, ideas or be a part of a working group, we’re keen to hear from you at or you can reach out to me via social media.

We hope to build a community of RCSA members invested in the next generation of talent within our industry and together attract, develop and retain talented professionals for the long term.

What will be your first objectives?

Our first Next Gen priorities include attracting and retaining talent within the recruitment industry, researching external perceptions of the recruitment industry and drivers for career selection and building relationships with key stakeholders across universities and professional groups. We would like to focus on initiatives that help to ensure the success of professionals, their longevity and contribution to the recruitment industry over a long period of time.

What changes would you like to see across our industry over the next five years?

I would love to see recruitment selected as a career of choice by more graduates and career changers, and see university courses and entry level courses that create attractive and robust pathways into recruitment. I’d love to see reduced turnover of employees within the early years of recruitment consultant careers and robust induction and training programs for emerging recruitment professionals to aid retention and the creation of satisfying careers. Lastly, I’d love to see higher levels of retained and exclusive work completed by recruitment consultants – to be known as a profession that doesn’t just happily do work for free, but we are valued, respected and highly sought after as professional advisors.

Erin is an engaging speaker, business mentor, author, media commentator and recruitment industry leader, passionate about helping people further their careers and develop their businesses. Her book ‘Get the job you really want’ is available here.

You can connect with Erin on on LinkedIn:, Instagram: @erin_devlin_ and Twitter: @erin_devlin for career advice and tips.

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