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Meet the Co-chairs of RCSA’s AMRANZ - Corrine Taylor and Richard Taylor

RCSA is supported by Member Groups which do amazing work to help protect our industry through lobbying and advocacy. To help you learn a little more about the people behind the groups, we sat down to chat with Corrine Taylor and Richard Taylor, co-chairs of RCSA’s AMRANZ (Association of Medical Recruiters Australia & New Zealand).

AMRANZ represents the interests of medical workforce agencies in Australia and New Zealand. In this interview, Corrine and Richard discuss their career journeys that have led them to making significant legislative change for medical recruitment agencies.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Corrine: I have been in medical recruitment for over 20 years, as the founder of a large medical recruitment company and then involved in a number of mergers and acquisitions in the sector. I love the health and medical recruitment space and am passionate about the workforce solutions we provide to public and private healthcare clients and the positive impact we make to communities. I am the Board Director for Health and Medical for the RCSA, and I am a Mum of two energetic primary school age boys, so am often seen on the side of a soccer pitch!

Richard: Originally from the UK, I have been in medical recruitment in Australia for over 12 years, working in a range of operational and strategic management roles as well as sales and business development. I have managed both permanent and locum recruitment businesses so understand the challenges faced by both in providing healthcare workforce solutions. I have worked with small rural hospitals through to State Health Departments to support workforce needs and address staffing issues and have advocated for a greater representation for the medical recruitment industry in health workforce planning and procurement.

When did you become Co-Chair of AMRANZ and what led you to get involved with the organisation?

Corrine: I joined the AMRANZ Council in 2007 and held the role of Vice President for 6 years. I stepped into the Co-Chair role in 2013. My motivation for joining the council was initially because I wanted to be able to influence the direction of our industry. I learned quickly that the council wears many hats when representing the voices of our members, with a focus on leading in the world of work and ensuring we protect our industry through lobbying and advocacy.

Richard: I have been part of the AMRANZ Council for close to 10 years and have been Co-Chair since 2017. I am passionate about our industry and the role we play in delivering healthcare to Australian communities and I wanted to join the Council to help strengthen relationships between the medical recruitment organisations and the healthcare providers at both a State and community level. I have seen first-hand the change that can be driven through closer collaboration but also the issues that arise when industry consultation is not undertaken.

What is AMRANZ (Association of Medical Recruiters Australia & New Zealand), how does it fit in with RCSA and what are its mission/goals?

AMRANZ represents the interests of medical recruitment agencies in Australia and New Zealand. The AMRANZ Council assists its members to navigate through complex legislation and policy changes to provide medical workforce to public and private health clients. AMRANZ is responsible for ensuring continued growth of the industry and professionalism of individuals within the industry.

What are the benefits for RCSA members in becoming a member of AMRANZ?

AMRANZ has many benefits for RCSA members including:

  • Industry lobbying and key issue management

  • Working groups with opportunity to influence the industry

  • Engaging with other members who are experts in medical recruitment

  • Learning and development opportunities

  • Networking and events

How should RCSA members get involved and/or contact you?

We encourage involvement and collaboration from all AMRANZ members. If they have issues that are affecting their business or the industry in general, whether they are workforce, regulatory or policy, then they should reach out to a Council member.

Click here for more information about the group.

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