Meet the RCSA Team – Zoe Husband

Zoe Husband is the Executive and Member Group Manager at RCSA. The Brief caught up with her to discuss role at RSCA, her transition from Melbourne to Christchurch and how the success, resilience and generosity of the recruitment sector drives her work.

Can you tell us about your role in the RCSA team and what you love about it?

My official title is Executive and Member Group Coordinator. But what does that mean? Essentially it is a two-fold role:

  1. Assistant to the CEO, Charles Cameron: I assist with daily management of his emails and calendar, book travel, and basically take care of any admin he may need. I may also have to prepare surveys, collate results and prepare reports.

  2. Coordination of RCSA Volunteers: I coordinate almost all the volunteer committees the RCSA has. This includes eight Councils (regional and member groups) and seven working groups (some more active than others!) I prepare agendas, take minutes, make sure actions are completed and keep everything ticking along. I also coordinate the election and nomination processes for the Board and Councils.

Due to the nature of my role, I cross over pretty much every aspect of RCSA so I generally have a good understanding of what is going on at any one time. And this is what I love about my job. No day is ever the same, new opportunities come up every day to challenge me and keep me busy, very busy at times. I love the fact that I get to interact with enthusiastic and highly engaged members on a daily basis and see the excitement that new volunteers experience when they start their volunteering journey. I also love working with the RCS A-Team, such an amazing bunch of people working tightly together to create something pretty amazing for all members to benefit from. I may be working remotely, and in a different time zone, but I don’t feel like I am far away!

You’ve had an exciting move to Christchurch from Melbourne recently – what do you enjoy about living here?

I was born and bred in New Zealand, so it is great to come home after living in Melbourne for almost five years. Although I originate from Wellington, I decided to make Christchurch my home to make it easier to visit my mother regularly, who lives about a four hour drive north. Living in Wellington would mean needing to fly or ferry across the Cook Strait, which isn’t always the easiest. I know Mum loves having me so close!

Ten years ago this year, I was in Christchurch, serving in the Royal New Zealand Navy onboard the HMNZS Canterbury. We were alongside Christchurch when the devastating February Earthquake happened. Being here again, ten years later, has been pretty surreal, but I love how Christchurch has rebuilt itself an become such a vibrant and diverse city. There is never a dull moment here, and I am thoroughly enjoying experiencing everything it has to offer!

You have been heavily involved in the coordination of the RCSA Industry Awards, can you tell us what you gained personally from interacting with the best and brightest in our industry and how they may have inspired you?

I love hearing the success stories from our members. The last 12-18 months have been some of the toughest many have faced, but despite this, there are some incredible stories of success, resilience and generosity. It makes me incredibly proud to work for an organisation that supports these members and it makes me want to keep working harder to make sure that the members get everything they need to keep doing the amazing work they are doing!

What do you see in terms of change and growth for NZ members in 2021?

There are so many opportunities for New Zealand members in 2021 and Rebecca Clarke, the NZ Manager, does a fantastic job of making sure NZ members maximise the benefits of their membership in all aspects. If members are not getting involved now, then they need to jump on board and enjoy the ride, there is lots to look forward to!

I also know the political scene keeps gets more and more complicated, particularly with the challenges that COVID-19 present, so I see the RCSA Advocacy Team working hard to demystify all the legislative changes, and ensure the recruitment and staffing sector voice is heard. Members shouldn’t be afraid to ask the questions of the team, if they have the question, there are likely to be others who have the same question, so if we can help, we will.

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