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RCSA’s ‘Working Sooner’ campaign promotes Australian JobAgencies

A new campaign launched by RCSA last month is highlighting the vital role of Job Agencies in accelerating economic recovery by getting people into jobs and helping business grow.

Celebrating the work that each of us in the recruitment and staffing industry do every day, the campaign is using television, radio, print and digital platforms to promote job agencies and their role in connecting Australians with employment as the economy emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

Australian Job Agencies, which encompass labour hire, recruitment and staffing agencies, are major drivers of jobs and economic growth.  We are a $29B industry employing and placing hundreds of thousands of Australians, from engineers, nurses and teachers to programmers, tradies and carers.

Brooke Lord, RCSA’s Head of Advocacy, said the campaign has already seen fantastic support from RCSA members.

“Members have been actively coming on board and nominating people within their organisations to support the campaign,” she said.

“Digital ads for the campaign, which can be found on YouTube, on the Working Sooner Facebook page and on the website,, have already had more than 3 million views.”

The campaign will be promoted on a dedicated Facebook page, as well as across RCSA’s social media channels.  In addition to the campaign ads, we will be posting a series of real stories that demonstrate the vital role of job agencies in connecting people with work and helping business to grow.

RCSA will continue to actively promote this campaign through its own social channels and encourage you to engage, support, like and promote this campaign wherever you can.

Become part of the team working to tell the real stories of Job Agencies and the role we play in getting people into work and supporting Australian businesses to grow.

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