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RCSA webinar assisting members who want to start their own recruitment agency

A new webinar series recently launched by RCSA, ‘Get, Set, Go!’, is proving to be a fantastic resource for members looking to start their own recruitment agency.

Interviews with agency owners who have already navigated the start-up phase to grow a profitable recruitment business are providing key insights for those about to embark on a similar journey.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there continues to be an unprecedented number of new recruitment agencies starting up and RCSA is using this opportunity to assist members who are wanting to channel their inner entrepreneur and embark on the ultimate self-starter journey.

The series involves interviews with a diverse group of recruitment agency owners who individually have a wide variety of past experiences and skills. Each of the owners has faced the challenges that launching a new venture will throw at you, resulting in significant insights and valuable knowledge.

The sessions cover topics ranging from starting the process, fundamental aspects of planning and modelling, to personal considerations regarding lifestyles and prioritising mental health. Every session presents valuable insights for RCSA members, with informed, practical advice coming straight from the people who have endured the process.

In the first session, Shane Morgan, founder of SAP Matchmake, provided practical advice about first starting a recruitment agency and what he would do differently knowing what he knows now.

“I wish I had a business partner, that would have been nice, even now I find a lot of stuff coming to me and that gets a bit exhausting, being the point of contact,” Shane said.

Shane also explained that he was initially scared of allowing his business to grow and was reluctant to take onboard new hires to help with growth.

When questioned what he would do differently, Shane said, “I was really apprehensive about growth, and I feel like I wasted a few years. I wish I did grow it. I wish I knew what I know now and I would probably have hired earlier to help the business grow.”

Also appearing in the first session was Tony Wu, Co-founder of Weploy Group, who touched on critical areas of mental health and finding a balance between running a successful business and finding time for yourself.

“One thing I would have done earlier is prioritised my mental health and found time for myself.

“This is something that I find as an entrepreneur is rarely talked about. We go through an incredible amount of pressure and stress, especially compared to the usual 9-5 job. It is a different load of stress,” Tony said.

Further explaining the amount of pressure and workload that comes with the role and why you should find a way to manage a balance, Tony said, “It is something you just can’t click off, you need to find a headspace where you can think and focus.”

The second session of the recently launched series saw similar discussions take place, this time with participants Amanda Woodforde and Leanne O’Connor.

Leanne O’Connor, Founder and Director at Natural Selection Group, offered useful advice relating to outsourcing jobs to balance the workload.

“Outsource jobs that are not in your core business or that you are not good at.

“Whether that’s doing the admin or outsourcing the financial aspects of the business, there is a lot of collaboration within our professional network,” Leanne said.

Explaining the importance and opportunity to outsource, Leanne said, “I have experience with accounting so I used to love doing the payroll, but I had to ask myself, is this where my value is?”

Leanne further discussed the amount of opportunity to outsource within the industry and described the current environment as being full of help.

Founder and Director at Woodforde Group, Amanda Woodforde, touched on a number of key areas in the initial stages of the start-up process and how to build a business from the ground up, also discussing the importance of outsourcing.

“Just build it brick by brick, build it at a steady pace,” Amanda said.

Amanda then went on to discuss the importance of finding your strengths to locate where you need to outsource, “You need to find your strengths. Financial functions, for example, are not strengths of mine so they were never going to be an in-house job.”

If you are considering channelling your inner entrepreneur keep an eye on RCSA’s L&D pages. The next Start-Up session date will be confirmed in 2022.

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