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Spotlight on Dominic Price - Talent X keynote speaker

In the latest issue of The Brief Magazine we spoke with Dominic Price, this year’s keynote speaker at Talent X, to get some exclusive insights on his presentation about business transformation and innovation.

The futurist and Atlassian business leader, has accrued a CV most tech heads could only dream ofand in a previous life held GM roles for a global gaming company, was an accomplished writer, and a respected consultant to industry on technological risk management.

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Tell us what you’re planning to talk about?

I’ll be talking through how Atlassian has worked to understand disruption and transformation, whether it be the more traditional agile transformation, culture transformation, digital transformation, or the more recent pandemic related transformations to how, where, and why we work.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are struggling to come to terms with the noise around change, and HR teams in particular are struggling to come to grips with what this means for them, their organisation, and their people.

In my role as Work Futurist, I spend about 30 per cent of my time outside Atlassian working with a variety of organisations, to help them navigate their change. Two organisations that shared their stories on how we helped to amplify their capability, are ANZ and Telstra.

Why is this topic important to you?

The world is changing around us. I think we thought we had years to get comfortable with change and how to manage it...then Covid came along and poured accelerant on all of our best laid plans. Leadership is going to look remarkably different from a lot of the historical literature. So, it’s time for us as leaders, to step up and collectively build a better future.

Why is this topic relevant for professionals within the industry?

The future of work is human, and I’ve believed that for a while, but our current world and most recent past, isn’t that human. We’ve falsely talked about people as “human resources” for years, and over indexed on outdated constructs like productivity, efficiency, compliance and the age-old performance review.

If we genuinely believe people are our biggest asset, and we look at the upheaval caused by the pandemic and amplified by technology like AI, automation, and robotics, then the time is NOW for us to act upon that, and in putting people at the centre of our organisations and solutions.

Why hold industry events like Talent X?

Innovation doesn’t happen by accident and it doesn’t happen for free. I’ve always believed that everyone has the fire of innovation in their belly, but some are experienced leaders that have supressed it.

Events like this give us the opportunity to open our mind and hearts to what might be, and to new ideas, and to experience the intersection of conversations where we learn something new and think, “How might that apply that in my world?”

What do you hope attendees will take away from your talk?

I want people to walk away and feel provoked, challenged, excited, and ready to build a better future. I promise you’ll be partially entertained too - I’m from northern England and grew up with three sisters and my mum! Tough surroundings!

I won’t give you fluffy thought leadership, endless stats and facts, and rhetoric. I want to give you actionable insights and pragmatic ideas that you can try for yourself, with your teams and your organisation, so that you become the catalyst for a better tomorrow.

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