Talent celebrates 25 years by supporting young people doing it tough

Talent’s global workforce celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary on Friday September 4 and spent the subsequent week giving back to young people struggling in this time of crisis. As youth issues such as isolation, unemployment and hopelessness spike, Talent’s entire workforce rolled up their sleeves to help those affected by offering support and guidance to young people who are doing it tough.

Talent has marked its anniversary with a volunteering event every year since 1996 as a way of bringing the company value “we give a damn” to life. Over the years, the global team has volunteered over 50,000 hours to giving back to charities and community projects.

This initiative ran in conjunction with Talent RISE, the charity arm of Talent that specialises in this field and offers education, training, work readiness programs, and job placement opportunities for young people who experience challenging barriers to employment.

Talent has been working to redefine the world of recruitment since their inception 25 years ago. Their commitment to creating the most rewarding experience for customers, clients, colleague and community is reflected through their success over the years.

Determined to lead the way in the recruitment business, Talent focusses on driving positive social change, finding creative solutions to help their clients, transforming the contractor experience and investing 50% of their profits into innovation. This organisation measures success on impact, legacy and change created which is wonderfully reflected in their initiatives.

Commenting on the “We’re here to listen” Talent Day initiative, Talent and Talent RISE founder and Executive Chairman Richard Earl said that there was a strong need for this kind of support in the youth community globally.

“We wanted to offer our support practically as specialists in the work readiness field, through our charity RISE, but we also want to create a safe space for young people to express how they are feeling and allow them to share their stories with us. I want everyone in our business to have as many conversations as possible with those affected and understand what’s happening out there. This has the potential to be both confronting and cathartic”.

Congratulations to Talent on their 25 years in the industry.

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