Talent X to become RCSA’s largest event

The Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA) is excited that its annual, solutions-focused expo, will this year be run under an exciting new format, which will make it the largest event on the annual events calendar.

In June, RCSA will grow its highly successful TechXpo event and transform it into Talent X, a one-day

exhibition-style conference with a focus on the latest solutions and technology for the recruitment,

staffing and workforce solutions industry.

RCSA CEO, Charles Cameron, said the event was a further illustration of the organisation’s commitment to delivering world-class events that support stronger, better and more diverse talent attraction for businesses.

“The calibre of talent being presented across this event is very impressive and I’m proud to say that,

in addition to our featured speakers, there are some highly esteemed presenters and facilitators yet to be announced,” Cameron said.

“I’m delighted to announce that the first Talent X event will be hosted by RCSA President Nina Mapson Bone, who will introduce the line-up of experts including the renowned TED speaker, innovator and futurist, Dominic Price.

“The team is very proud to also welcome keynote speakers including renowned recruitment owner, HR expert and Shark Tank investor, Andrew Banks, and new Adecco Group CEO, Preeti Bajaj,” Cameron said.

Talent X will cover key themes including optimising the recruitment and staffing industry for the future world of work, how to keep the human-focus in an increasingly automated space and forecasting the future of recruitment and HR tech.

Keynote speaker and co-founder of Atlassian, Dominic Price, said he would present on how businesses could elevate leaders to best drive change and transformation from within.

“During my discussion, I will not only share examples of successful transformations, but also the deep dark secrets of what goes wrong, so that you can avoid it,” he said.

“These findings aren’t unique to businesses like Atlassian, and there will be plenty of stories in there, but will also include customers from a variety of industries.

“I’ll also deep dive into some ideas around how you, as a leader, can be the best version of yourself and drive your own evolution, and how you can be a force multiplier to get the best out of the teams you work with.

“All this will be layered with discussion around the ever-changing environment around the workplace, and the concept of WFH versus hybrid, and what this means for our organisations.” Price said.

The event will be delivered to hundreds of managers, executives and decisions-makers on June 3 at ICC Sydney with competitively priced tickets available for purchase via the RCSA events page.

Cameron said, “On behalf of the entire RCSA team, we’d like to especially thank our commercial

partners for their continued drive in promoting innovative thinking for a stronger industry.”

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