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The growing trend for tenders requiring RCSA membership

There is a growing trend of large tenders for recruitment services requiring proof of RCSA membership, suggesting that it is more important than ever to renew yours this year.

Professional associations with peak bodies are becoming increasingly important with more and more tenders explicitly stating that membership evidence be included with application materials and compliance with code of conduct mandates.

During a time where cash flows have become the daily tapestry behind most conversations, it’s unsurprising that Governments and entities offering grants are looking to invest in people and practices that show longer term thinking and sustainability.

Globally, trust has reached an almost all-time low according to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer index. Research out of their most recent report findings said that businesses who demonstrate performance across three key areas would increase their likelihood of being associated with trust and confidence.

Embracing sustainable practices, driving economic prosperity and showing long-term thinking over short-term profits would support businesses to be more greatly considered as, ‘trustworthy’.

That’s certainly the thinking that the RCSA has been hearing about recently in terms of the need to be affiliated with people and organisations who adopt codes of conduct that demonstrate these values in action.

The RCSA have been closely monitoring the growing trend of tenders directly requesting membership information linked with professional associations.

The tenders are increasingly specifying the requirement to have current membership with the RCSA and to demonstrate a commitment to the organisation’s Code of Professional Conduct. Further, several tenders have stated that the membership and code compliance extend through to supplier networks.

In recent months, we have seen tenders offered from Water Corporation, Local Buy and Victoria State Government all requiring RCSA membership information.

It’s more important than ever to have professional memberships if you’re planning to submit for tender, and the team is happy to support you in these discussions. For membership support, please contact

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