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This International Women’s Day RCSA is Celebrating Female Leaders in Recruitment and Staffing

This international women’s day, RCSA heralds the large, and growing, number of female leaders in the Australian and New Zealand recruitment and staffing industry.

“As of today, almost half of our member organisations are led by women, and every day, these women are smashing the glass ceilings they have risen to meet,” said RCSA President, Nina Mapson Bone.

“Our industry’s female leaders are driving change from the top.”

“As managing directors and CEOs, they understand the need for inclusivity, empowerment, and open dialogue to achieve greater female participation in the workforce. They are implementing strategies to ensure more women can follow along the path that they have paved.”

“While our industry is already ahead when it comes to female leadership, as an industry body we want to see our leadership and influence grow,” explained Mapson Bone.

“Beyond encouraging female leadership in recruitment and staffing, we also need to be doing our part to help the broader business community to attract, retain and inspire women.”

“Whether that is by creating greater flexibility, implementing diversity and inclusion agendas, or providing more opportunities for women to share their experiences and perspectives, every day employers need to be looking at how women engage with work and how they can better facilitate this to ensure that they are achieving both their professional and personal goals.”

“As recruitment consultants, we are in a unique position to share insights and advice on these strategies with our clients, and as women we can share our own experience with the professional roadblocks that do still exist,” said Mapson Bone.

“This is just another area in the world of work that our industry is leading in and one in which we are making a real and impactful change for all current and future female professionals.”

RCSA continues to support its members in these discussions and is excited to hold our International Women’s Day event on Friday, 18 March 2022, which will take an in depth look at how female leaders are transforming the workplace and breaking down biases.

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